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.Bisexual women 'have more health problems
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Bisexual women 'have more health problems

I think if you look at the data, you'll find that homosexuals have a ton of health and mental problems too due to the genetic defect they have in being attracted to the same sex.
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Genetic DEFECT? What

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I find it intriguing that European health officials focus on quality-of-life in their health studies. There is a lesson in there, somewhere. Interesting article.

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...most studies about gay/lesbian life styles generally come out of europe...we americans are still too represed for a proper study...

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First of all there was a study done on homosexuals as to why they are that way.
The study pointed out that gays generally have lower testosterone levels inuteral and continues in early childhood, whereas lesbians have lower estrogen levels inuteral and continuing in early childhood. So when the gay community says "I was born this way" they are telling the truth.

Being a member of the bisexual community I think that the same holds true.

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...was there ever a doubt?...

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