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Poll: When Did You Have Oral Sex For The First Time?
Under the Age of 10 With The Same Gender
Under The Age of Ten With The Opposite Gender
Between The Ages of Ten and Seventeen With The Same Gender
Between The Ages of Ten and Seventeen With The Opposite Gender
As An Adult With The Same Gender
As An Adult With The Opposite Gender
I Never Have
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Oral Sex: When was your first time?
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I got n gave my first bj whenI was 16yo at the beach, went into a bathhouse just off the beach. I didn't think about the fact I was in a section of the beach considered for gays. I walked into the bath house to pee and found two guys sucking each other on the benches by the lockers. I stood watching them as my erection grew my urge to masturbate took over and I pulled my shorts down and began rubbing my stiff cock, one guy looked up at me and said come on in and join us in some fun. Throwing caution to the wind I walked over to them, holding my young hard cock in my hand, the guy sitting up leaned over and took my cock in his mouth taking all 7" of me. I had never felt anything like it before, and started thinking how it was to suck cock, and told him I wanted to try sucking him, he stood up and said be my guest. I looked at his semi hard cock and my mouth began watering. I grabbed my cock as I bent over sliding my lips over his cockhead and licked all around it making him moan I pushed my mouth down hi shaft as far as I could, about 5" or so, and bobbed up n down a couple inches on it enjoying the feel of hi hard throbbing cock, until he yelled out Im cunning I sucked a s hard asI could making his squirt hard in my mouth

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That sounds like my kind of family!

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#83 my first blowjob from girl about 20...gave my first to a guy around 45...

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First time I was eleven.  About 5 of us boys had a circle jerk which led to a circle BJ.  I didn't like the other boys jerking me off but I loved giving BJs and, to a lesser extent, receiving them.  The circle BJs lasted just one summer.  My giving and receiving BJs lasted for 20  years -- never to any of my friends after the circle BJs ended.  I haven't practiced bisexuality for 55 years now.

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I have never had oral sex in my life, even though I am married. Not that I want it desperately, but reading the stories here does give me a hard on. Wink I just noticed I am the only one in the voting list that voted 'I never have' lol.

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