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Buck Angel FTM Transexual Porn Videos
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This thread will contain videos of the first FTM trans porn star. Buck looks just like a man, with the exception that he chose to keep his pussy, which gets pounded harder than most in straight porn. Personally, I can't wrap my head around this one, but it certainly fits on this forum.

We'll start with a short clip and add a couple of longer clips, as I get them.

This one's gonna fuck with your head.


[Image: buck-angel-transexual-man.png]

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....... But..... Wait.....

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I love Buck! He's so sexy <3

[Image: S5UOd4s.gif]
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[Image: ?di=9JPA]

[Image: S5UOd4s.gif]
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(04-07-2014, 01:52 AM)ClaesXCummings Wrote: I love Buck! He's so sexy <3

Never heard of him, until yesterday.

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