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Private Messaging Changes
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Effective, immediately, the intended recipient of private messages must be on your buddy list. That means that, in order to send a private message to another member, that member must have received and ACCEPTED a buddy request. The level of abuse by members who don't participate in this forum has gotten to such a level that we are losing the few active female members. It is sad that it had to come to this, but here we are.

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...good for you rich...

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That's a really good idea rich

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not a bad idea, even though I have no-one on my buddy list. Oh well, requests to everyone!

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Lol this^^ But good idea. !! Sad to see the women getting abused like that

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Great idea. No buddies at this time, but then again I don't do PM'S unless necessary.

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Awesome idea! I dont post much, but have seen poeple hord in on the female members.

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Damn spammers

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No spammers. We really don't have that problem, here.

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