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Gemini Alani
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Next on the hit list. Hoping this works out.

[Image: IMG_7933.jpg]
[Image: 33044_200x300.jpg]
[Image: eros-chicago-xxx-gemini-alani-fo2.jpg]
[Image: eros-chicago-xxx-gemini-alani-fo4.jpg]

Too Smooth To Be Embarrassed
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It worked out, boy did it work.

Too Smooth To Be Embarrassed
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Forgot to post my review, so here it is.

This meeting almost didn’t happen. I contacted Gemini through her website one morning, and then nervously waited for a response. Checked my email every 5 minutes hoping to hear from her. Her ad at the time said she was leaving that day, so I just figured I was too late and went about my day. At about 11:30 that night I get an email. She says she is checking out the next morning (11am) so if I wanted to see her, it would need to be before then. Cool. We discuss a time good for both of us then head into the verification portion of the conversation. This took a bit longer than she wanted it to, but she hung in there with me. Then she sent me a text letting me know everything was set for the next morning.

I couldn’t sleep at all, so while lying in bed, I get a text, it’s from her, she said she was awake and if I was ok with it, we could get together earlier than our planned time. I was all for it.

Would I see her again, you bet.

I headed in her direction but found myself stuck in traffic. Text her to let her know and she seemed to be ok with it. Said for me to be carful, but to hurry up. When I reached the parking lot, she gave me the room number, informed me that the maids were across the hall, so she left the door open for me to come on in.

When I entered the room, Gemini was standing on the other side, wearing a bathing suit that showed off her curves, her long black hair perfectly famed her face. She walked over to me and gave me a warm hug, we introduced ourselves, then I laid the donation on the dresser. She asked me to wash my hands, and then had me get comfortable on the bed. I told her I was nervous, so she had me lay on my stomach, said she will help me relax with a message. I’ve never had a message before, so I had no idea what to expect.

She straddles me, resting her butt on mine own. She gives my back a few squirts of baby oil then starts rubbing. It felt amazing. As if all the stress that had built up over time, just faded away. She worked her way down my back, onto my legs and feet. Then had me roll over. At this point, she removed my underwear and continued with the rub down. Every now and then she would tease me with her hands, acting like she was going for the goods, but she would just caress my inner thighs. Before I knew it, her bathing suit was gone. She looked me dead in the eyes and began to put her hair up. I jokingly said, when a girl puts her hair in a pony tail, it’s about to go down. She laughed then said, yes, it is.

She went straight for my manhood, good head work, nice suction, right amount of spit, perfect amount of tease, even through in a bit of hair play. She does this thing where she tosses her hair up onto my chest, then slowly drags it down between my legs. No deep throat, but not many girls do. I would rank her in my top 3 BBJ’s. After a good amount of time she comes up for air and asks how I want it. I suggest she ride it, so I can see and play with her breast. She covers me up, then slides down on it. She rides like there is no tomorrow, my plan was to get a few positions in but I’m guessing her plan was different. It didn’t take much for me to finish. She removes the cover then gets a warn towel to clean me off. We laid next to each other for a few talking about life when I realized, I didn’t want my time with her to end with my weak performance. I asked if she was ready for round two and before I could say another word, she was down between my legs going at it again. About a minute into the second BBJ, she asks if I want to CIM, which sounded great, but I really wanted to hit it doggy first. So without hesitation, she got into position. I slide in from behind and begin to find my rhythm. She starts on all fours, hands on the bed, head up in the air. Slowly, I work my way up to a comfortable pace that I’m sure I can maintain for awhile. She must have understood as she lowered her head to the bed. She went from head up, hands on the bed, to arms stretched out in front of her and her, head resting on the bed as I thrust away from behind. She starts moaning which triggers my “go faster” mode. She reaches down with one hand and starts to play with her self as I continue to pound away. Her moans get loader and she tries to muffle them in the sheets. She seemed to be enjoying herself. I finally bust that last nut and slowly pull out. Her hips fall over onto the bed. Out of breath she tells me she needs a minute and I give it to her. As she lies there, I get dressed. We talk a bit more and she asks what I have going on later, (I had plans) she tells me she can’t wait to see me again. Naked, she walks me to the door, one last hug and I’m on my way.

During my ride home she texts me to tell me she had a great time and she would really like to see me again.

I’ve tried getting in contact with her since but no response. Went to her website, it’s gone. Seems like every time I find a good one, they leave the business. Glade I got to see her before it was too late.

Too Smooth To Be Embarrassed
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