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Product review: Super Head Honcho
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Not sure where to put this thread since rich has not yet created me my own "Asexual" forum to post my masturnation habits other than my video thread, and as I don't yet have a video for this, I'll put it here.

It was a side-note to me that Sara Johansen's Super Head Honcho - updated, improved, larger, stretchier version of the Head Honcho - was touted as 2011 sex toy of the year, as I rarely concur with the masses on opinions of anything. Almost every male masturnator is advertised as having "realistic sucking action" and all sorts of bumps, ridges, grooves, nodules, and protruberances. I was most leery of the price. Most male masturnators that are highly rated by customer reviews are twice the price, at least - at a girl's name and it's more than triple. The reason I was willing to take the risk was because of it's claims that it can handle larger penises.

I am very happy to say that this is the first time
I have EVER used a sex toy that on the VERY first try, decided I liked it. It is the best $14.95 + $5 shipping I have EVER spent on ANYTHING in my LIFE !!!

The old lady from tv has her pic on the box. It has the word "masturnator" written in 6 languages on the box - they FAILED to provide the proper ThasNasty!.com spelling which has the "n" pronounced as a "b" sound as seen in my Members' Videos thread. The masturnator is the only thing in the box. No lube. No coupns. No paperwork. No owner's registration numbers to file online. And, no instuctions. It's wrapped in sterile, clear plastic.

The device itself is heavy. The previous masturnation sleeve I owned looked and felt like a super thick condom. (It was stolen - I believe by my landlord. I used to think: How desperate and gross? Then, I realized there's something else that guy's steal from other guys and fuck everyday knowing many others have cum up in there - wimminz. LOL One reason I'm asexual.) It was also for larger penises, but was not stimulating. It had been my favorite toy up to now, and I was hoping this would be at least as good. But, the Super Head Honcho is made from stuff that originated at a lab in Los Alamos from an alien lifeform bodily plasma that is being held at Area 51. It is strong and firm, while supple. It does not feel plastic. There's no binding or pinching anywhere.

Looking at this masturnator, I thought I'd have no chance getting in. The main hole has a round outer set of lip, an inner set of lips that look like lips, and a tiny hole in the center. I lubed up my cock (must be water based, says it on the box) and got it hard. I lubed up the inner lips and pushed my finger through the hole. It was tight. The alien gel was so squishy my finger made it bend, and if I squeezed below the hole to try to make it firmer, it just mushed like Jell-o. Kind of worried about my money at this point. It feels good on my finger, I don't think my cock is going to make it. A little more squeeze of lube and I press my head against it. Mush. Squish. Nothing. Feels good on my tip, but won't go.

Then, just like with an inexperienced female, it goes in, just past the head. Whoa. If this is all I get, I can hang. It gripped. It hugged. It squished. I could feel my hand on the outside but the thick alien shit made it not feel like my hand - even better than sitting on your hand until it falls asleep or wearing a glove. Man, I got to sit down. Wait, what? Oh, shit, I need to take a pic of it. Fuck, I want to use this thing, I don’t want to wait - but I snap a couple that came out grainy from the CFL lightbulb and green blanket I use for my backdrop.

I run in, sit down, and say, "Fuck the porn." It feels so great I don't need porn with this anymore than I would need porn when I BANG Nicole Kidman and Pipa Middleton in a 3sum. I wouldn't say it feels like real head. It's kind of better. A mouth only touches parts of the cock at any given moment and has rough edges that can cause distracting sensations. This thing was so smooth I can't describe. And, the way this doomed traveler that gave up his plasma for my pleasure must've been planning on consuming human flesh was by secreting this substance on human flesh, that then squeezed itself so tightly against the skin, it was able to enter the bloodstream, it was so tight. The Los Alamos doctors rendered it safe for human use, but they still can't cure herpes. I mean there was not one single nerve ending that was not being stimulated blissfully - except the limit of the 6" tube came into play because my head would come out the end, as can be seen in the pic. This kind of was cool because in a way it simulated when getting a blow job anfd it's deep, sometimes the head doesn't touch in the widest parts of the back of the throat. Of course, the head could easily be enveloped on the upstroke. But, it felt so wonderful to have base of my penis getting so much attention right up to my pubus - practically still virgin cock.

It made these noises that the first time around were odd and distracting. If a girl was doing that while sucking my cock it would be because I'd hit her gag reflex and things would be coming (NOT cumming) up fast - NOT a kink I'm into. It wasn't difficult to quickly ignore that and concentrate on what I was feeling. My strokes were effortless. It really did feel like I was being done by someone or somthing else, and not masturnating. I lasted longer than I thought I would with everything I was feeling.

The ancients used to talk about a food so perfect only the gods were allowed to eat it: ambrosia. This is the ambrosia of masturnators. The BACON of male sex toys. I would recommend this to ANYONE who likes that ticke in their pickle.

Clean up was super easy. I had pulled into it so I got maximum head stimulation when I came. Some of my seed went shooting out the top hole, of course, cuz thaz how I do. But, the thing is so nearly airtight that what was in stayed in. When I emptied my jizz into the sink it was like an alien cream pie. I squeezed and pulled like a farm boy on his first tit. Water easily flowed into one end and out the other, now it's good as new.

It's 6" long and stretches from 5-7" in diameter, both inside, usable real estate measuremnts. The sucking rings inside that are the upgrade from the original create the suction that made all the racket. There are bumps and grooves and ridges and nodules, but they aren't just randomly placed or covering everything, so the feeling isn't the same everywhere. It sucks where it should suck, rubs where it should rub, tickles where it should tickle, and squeezes and rubs everything like silk but better.

I will soon be trying to get some vids for my "Male Masturnation" thread in Members' Videos Forum just as soon as somone can film while I play. 2 hands is the best. Too much action and movement even if I had one hand on it and one holding the camera. I believe I can get this filmed to post by the weekend. I will also be exploring a set-up that employees a stationary hands-free camera set-up.

I look forward to exploring, not only the hand jive method, but also rigging the Super Head Honcho between some couch cushions so I can BANG it doggy-style without having to grip it. I'm also curious how long it may hold heat when soaked in warm water, or the cold when put in the freezer - just 4 fun.

First pic shows the Super Head Honcho, lengthwise. The 3 wider ridged circles on the left are the lips entry.

2nd pic is of the lips, the entry hole so small as to be indiscernible.

3rd is pushing in squishy.

4th SUCCESS !!!

And 5th shows the head of my cock sticking out the back door.

I'm 8+" long and 5" thick. Guys thicker should have some room to grow, longer will have to ration base sensations with the head even more than I had to.

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Round 2

Inspection revealed I had taken more of a toll on the Super Head Honcho than I believe when I retired her last night. The hole at the far end was noticeably greater in diamete, the entry hole a liittle of the same, but not too bad - no tears or stretches.

Getting in was much easier this time. Even though it's the first day of spring, ambient room temp had me jump at how much cold the thing retained. (I wonder if putting in the freezer may be a bad idea, degrading the structure of the gel? Sure wished I'd warmed it, though.) I could tell the alien gel had lost some of it's grip. BUT, it was still MUCH better than any other sex toy I've had. It's not a perfect snapper, and I wonder how long it will hold up. Reviews I read prior to purchase only had a couple complaints stating the masturnation sleeve tore or wore out, however. It was much easier for my head to slip easily out the far end, even when I tried to keep it in for the magnificent sensation of that top chamber. The stuff squeezes so tight that my foreskin is held rolled back and the super-sensitive head flesh is under constant stimulation.

What with 2 hand jobs yesterday, plus busting the Super Head Honcho's hymen wide open, I lasted significantly longer this time. The pleasure was still so intense, I was amazed at how this thing did, indeed, feel like having sex with something that was actively participating in getting me off. I still say it's better than real oral, as far as the overall feelings involved in total.

When done I felt satiated. My mind was clear of desire for more, like it is after the other ways I've masturnated. Much more cum shot out the top since that hole was wider. But, still held my massive load from covering my stomach, per usual.

I haven't masturnated this much in a while. And, as I say, the orgasms are satisfying. But, I am thinking I may not make it until tomorrow before I test it between the couch cushions, so I can BANG it hands free on my knees.

Still, ultimately satisfied.

Sue Johanson, where's my money for pimpin' your pocket pussy, you ancient slut, you?

Big Grin

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