Free Use Family Stories [Real] (claimed) u/FTMSavage

Stories and stuff, from Reddit. Some claimed to be real, some clearly fantasy.

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Free Use Family Stories [Real] (claimed) u/FTMSavage

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Copied From r/incest:

Part 1
[M/s] Secluded free use open family

Everyone in this story is 18+ and all acts are consensual

My family has a pretty unconventional lifestyle but thankfully we've been able to keep ourselves safe and unnoticed by the local community. Our clan - the Hearst clan (fake name; you know how it is) - has been what I guess you could call 'free use' and pretty incestuous for a really long time. I'm one of the youngest generations (I'm 18+ don't worry) and we have a lot of history that we keep pretty well documented. The old stories also help get some of us in the mood lol.

My family has lived this way for too many generations to count. Our oldest ancestors settled in the southeastern Appalachians over 150 years ago, deep in the woods and rolling hills secluded from the rest of society. Great great great grandpa Hearst - whose mother and father were siblings, as the story goes - built a few log cabins and used whatever money he had to purchase a couple cows, some pigs, and a half dozen chickens. He hired some nearby townies to help him work the farm and establish crop fields and breed the livestock, and married one of the local girls who went by Miss Nellie, and later my great great great grandma Nellie. On their wedding night in 1868 he shared with her his dream for their family and the farm, as well as the nature of his own birth, and she was thrilled. She admitted to Grandpa Hearst that she'd been in a sexual relationship with both of her brothers, Frank and George, for all of her adult life, and since they were already helping with the farm they could help with this too.

The day after, Grandpa Hearst and Nellie brought her brothers to the farm and spoke with them, and they were just as enthusiastic. Several times daily, Grandma Nellie laid with each of her brothers and with Grandpa Hearst, each of them pumping loads of their seed into her day after day until she became pregnant. It wasn't just about the sex though, although that was the most important part; they loved each other too, and kissed each other, and lived as Grandma Nellie's three husbands in every way. They continued fucking even when she was pregnant, and sometimes without her present at all. Her brothers were known to fuck each other sometimes too, although Grandpa Hearst didn't participate. And each time Nellie gave birth, she took a few weeks off to rest and heal before resuming her work as a fertile young woman in her prime. She got pregnant quickly and often, and within a decade there were 7 Hearst kids running around. Within two decades, Nellie had given birth to 13 total.

Growing up, the children were encouraged to see their siblings, mother and fathers as future husbands and wives. It was completely non-sexual growing up, those aspects of marriage weren't brought up until the kids were older. (This is still the case now.) When the eldest child, Jesse, became an adult he had a coming of age ceremony. By this point, Grandpa Hearst grew many marijuana crops a year and the family used the plant quite often. It held special significance for the coming of age ceremony, however, because it helped stimulate each of them in preparation for the night to come. We still grow and use but it's not a commercial crop, just for us.

Jesse was brought into the main cabin where his mother Nellie lay on a bed of blankets next to the roaring hearth. She was completely naked, and her long dark hair hung in waves to her breasts. They were heavy and full, with large nipples that had been consistently lactating for the last 18 years. Jesse undressed and they shared a hash cigarette until their heads felt thick with sensation and their bodies with desire. Nellie kissed her son deeply, intensely, and brought his lips down to her heavy breasts. He latched to his mother's breasts as he had nearly every day the last 18 years and sucked, drinking her milk as she massaged her breasts. She moaned as he sucked her tender nipple and brought his hand to her naked pussy to massage her clit as she fed him. Between the incredible sucking sensation and her son's fingers on her clit she came quickly, her breasts squirting milk as she orgasmed. "My baby boy, now a man," she said softly, beaming at him. "My next child will be ours. Your seed will fill my womb and our child will be so beautiful. I've been waiting for this moment for so long."

Jesse laid flat on his back on the blankets and Nellie straddled his legs. His cock was already extremely hard, his pulse racing so quickly from anticipation he felt it in his hands. The moment he'd been waiting for: his mother slowly ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft from the base to the tip, lingering there for a tense moment before wrapping the head of his cock in her warm mouth. He groaned loudly, involuntarily; until now, he'd been a complete virgin, kept pure until adulthood. He'd never experienced anything like this before in his life. His mother toyed with his head for another few seconds before taking him completely, all the way down her throat until her lips were firmly pressed to his pelvis. Jesse had never experienced heat like this before. The tips of her heavy sagging breasts brushed his thighs as she knelt over him, still dripping milk. Nellie was an expert after so many years of doing exactly this with her brothers and Grandpa Hearst. She deepthroated her son, lifting up until the lip of his head pressed the inside of her mouth and back down until she felt that same head hit the base of her throat. She was only able to do this a few times before his muscles started contracting, his balls pulsing as he shot his load directly down his mother's throat. She came up for air and Jesse realised his cum shot so deep down her throat that she'd automatically swallowed it. It was so unbelievably fucking hot.

His erection lessened a little after this so she started feeding him again to get him back in the mood. She'd been so used to breastfeeding all of her children for years that her breasts were used to constantly supplying milk, and if she didn't milk herself often the pressure would build up and she'd start leaking everywhere. Nellie rarely wore a top at all on the farm so her breasts would be available to any of her children whenever they needed a drink. She was rarely seen without at least one of her children of any age latched to a nipple, drinking. Jesse, even at his age, was addicted to her milk but wouldn't drink it from a cup, only fresh from her breast. During hot days working the fields, Jesse would often come to Nellie where she sat in the shade and suck on her teats while he cooled off. She loved these moments with him.

As she fed her son, she straddled his hips and massaged his cock with her pussy. Her pussy felt tingly and warm with desire, and as she slowly rubbed herself on him she felt her son's cock grow until it was once again hard. "Ma, you're so wet," he moaned against her nipple.

"So wet for you, baby," Nellie said, lining herself up with the tip of his cock. She easily slid down on him right to the base; he was large like his father's, but she was so wet and so experienced her hole took him perfectly. She rode her son's virgin cock and sat up, leaning back to support herself so her heavy breasts bounced, slapping together with each thrust and leaking milk. The sight of his mother riding his cock, her face twisted in ecstacy, pushed him into an explosive orgasm. He shot ropes deep into his mother's pussy, filling her with his seed that was surely entering her womb. She sat on him fully, ensuring his seed couldn't escape, and continued rocking gently on his cock as she rubbed herself to completion. Knowing her eldest son had just impregnated her sent her over the edge into a shuddering orgasm.

Nellie continued to gently rock herself against her son's cock, even after he was spent. "I don't think I can go again right now, ma," he said with a grin. "You milked me dry."

"I'm just keeping you warm, baby," she said, smiling. "I don't want any of you falling out of me. We can just stay like this all night." She rolled them over onto their sides so they faced one another, his cock still firmly embedded in his mother's pussy. Aside from the fire in the hearth, the cabin was a bit chilly so feeling the slick warmth of her pussy around his cock helped. She wrapped a leg over his hip so she could stay flush to his body, keeping him firmly inside her, and whenever he'd start to soften she'd start rocking gently until his cock hardened again. As they lay together, he drank from her breasts as she rocked him to sleep. Periodically through the night, her rocking would intensify until Jesse would wake to his mother fucking him, her movements draining him of his seed over and over until he fell asleep, still firmly inside her. This happened too many times to count, and in the morning she rode him one last time; by now, her pussy was so full of his cum and it never had a chance to dry so they were both sticky with it. Their last fuck sounded wet and sloppy, and Jesse took control this time, rolling his mother onto her back and spreading her legs wide and pumping his cock into her. Her milky breasts flopped with each aggressive thrust, her moans so loud they echoed through the cabin. When he blew his final load into his mother, the feeling of fullness overwhelmed her so completely that she squirted, orgasming with a loud cry.

Jesse and his mother lay spent on the floor of the cabin, catching their breaths, when one of the doors opened and Nellie's brother Frank and Jesse's possible father entered with a wide smile. Frank was a tall, broad shouldered man with a thick head of dark hair and a full beard, both speckled with grey. "Good morning," he said brightly, unbuttoning his trousers and dropping them to expose his massive, hard cock. "Mind if I join?"

And that's how our clan started, all those years ago. Sorry if I got a bit carried away lol, it gets me hot just thinking about it. I have a lot of stories about my family to share. . .
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Re: Free Use Family Stories [Real] (claimed) u/FTMSavage

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[B/s] [M/s] [M/s/au/cf] Secluded free use open family - part 2

Everyone in this story is 18+ and all acts are consensual. This story contains watersports

I wasn't sure how my first post would go but I'm glad you guys liked it! A lot of people were interested in hearing about my own experiences and what life has been like for me growing up in this family so this post will focus on some of that.

We've been living this way for the last 8 generations and each gen has had more kids than the last cause we reproduce a lot, which has been helpful from a practical standpoint as we're still farmers. The farm has grown a lot over the years and we're now a major commercial farm but still family owned, and we only hire family and keep the property extremely private so we can safely carry out our daily lives in peace. There are close to 80 of us now (20 of them are minors though so about 60 adults) and we live all over the massive property in a couple dozen cabins.

We still keep a lot of the rituals our ancestors started: nothing sexual until 18; none of the women in my family wear shirts or bras (weather permitting) because we induce lactation when they turn 18 so they can help feed the kids and because the feeding process creates bonds between us; no one outside of the family can get involved without being vetted and getting approval from the head of the family; during the coming of age ceremony, sons sleep with their mothers and fathers sleep with their daughters as a rite of passage. Outside of those rules, pretty much anything else is on the table and we can fuck anyone we like. We tend to lean more traditional with couplings but there is a fair amount of same-sex fucking and kinky stuff. We're allowed to fuck wherever and whenever we like, as long as our farm work still gets done. A lot of us have slept with each other at least once, but we tend to pick favourites and a few preferred partners, and those are the ones we live with. Everything is fully consensual and people are welcome to leave at any time if they stop wanting to participate.

Now, about me: my mom and dad are brother and sister, and their parents were father and daughter. My dad is the head of the clan and runs the farm business, and I'm set to inherit his position when he passes. I have 13 sisters and 6 brothers, and most of them are half-siblings but one of my sisters and one of my brothers are my full-blood siblings. I'm the eldest of all of them. I'm currently 25, and my full-blood younger siblings are Alice (22) and Vince (18). Some of you asked for descriptions of me and my close family so I'll try to explain a bit. I'm about 6'0, dark hair, lean with a bit of muscle, a couple tattoos and some facial scruff. My cock is 7 inches long when erect (I'm a grower lol.) Both of my parents are in their early 40s and my dad looks a lot like me but he's a bit taller and he's got a full beard and greying a bit, his cock is smaller at about 5 inches, and my mom looks like the rest of the women in my family. All the women in my family grow naturally large and heavy breasts, and lactation and childbirth makes them even bigger. They tend to have wide hips and thighs and asses and smaller waists, and pale rosy skin with freckles. My mom has ginger hair and blue eyes and so does my sister Alice. Out of all my siblings, Alice's breasts are naturally the heaviest and she's known for producing a lot of milk. She's quite petite but thick and curvy and extremely beautiful. Our mom is taller and more athletic, but still curvy.

The first person I slept with was my mom, during my coming of age ceremony when I was 18. My birthday is in the summer so we had my ceremony outside near the lake on our property. We went for a nude swim (it was really hot outside) and when we got out of the water we dried off on some towels and rubbed sunscreen on each other's naked bodies. We took turns and she covered me first, and when she got to my cock she started jerking me off. She was the first person who ever touched me like that and it blew my mind. She has a lot of experience and showed me exactly how to please a woman, taking the experience slowly and working me up to the final act. She told me the entire time that when I entered her she needed me to creampie her, to fill her up with my seed and impregnate her. By the time I was allowed to penetrate her I was barely holding myself together, and I only lasted inside of her for I think two thrusts before I came so hard I blacked out a little, it was surreal. Still the best orgasm I've ever had, although I've had a lot of great ones since then haha. We fucked on the beach there all day and pumped load after load into her, and after a while my aunt (my mom and dad's other full sister) and her eldest daughter Leah joined in and I bred all of them. Leah and her mom (my aunt) have always been close so I got to watch them fuck as well and at once point I was fucking Leah's throat while her mom ate her pussy and my mom suckled her breasts, drinking her milk. It was an incredible experience, and since that day I haven't gone a day without sex.

Luckily, our first day together resulted in my mom's pregnancy so we have a 6 yr old daughter together. We've continued our relationship and have sex together almost every day; she is currently carrying my son and her due date is in April. I've fucked a lot of my family members since then (men and women) but I usually stick with fucking my mom and my sisters. I've had some good experiences with my dad and some of my half brothers and male cousins too, but I prefer women.

My closest relationship is with my sister Alice. We've known since we were young teens that we'd end up together and have loved each other our entire lives, but waited until we were both of age before actually doing anything serious. I knew at a young age that I wanted her to carry my children and be the mother of my kids, and while we are siblings our relationship is more like husband and wife. We've had two kids together already and we're trying for a third right now. We have sex several times a day and every time we make sure I cum balls deep in her at least once. I feed from her tits frequently - I love her milk and her massive breasts, I'm wild about them - and at night I fall asleep by sucking milk from her. Her skin is so soft and her tits are really pillowy; it's so soothing and comforting.

Our sex life is pretty normal for our family. We still fuck other people regularly but go home to each other at night, and sometimes bring our mom and dad into the fold for foursomes. My biggest kink is watching Alice get bred by our dad, especially because he fucks really aggressively and dominates her. She calls him Daddy and they roleplay non-con sometimes, and he likes to fuck her asshole doggy style while shoving her head into the mattress. The other night we double penetrated her (I got her pussy, Dad got her ass) and she came so hard she squirted pretty much constantly. Our mom likes watching Alice and me fuck, but especially gets off on watching Dad fuck me. He likes to fuck me the way he fucks Alice and destroys my hole, tossing me around and fucking my prostate relentlessly. I leak cum the entire time and have the most insane orgasms, and Mom rubs her clit and gets off on it while suckling Alice's huge teats which makes it even hotter.

Alice's biggest kink - piss - is a bit more taboo in our family so we keep it mainly between us, but that makes it more special I think. I do this for her as a treat once a week and the joy she gets from it is unparalleled. She loves the feeling of me pissing directly down her throat, she's obsessed with it. Not into her mouth but down her throat while I'm facefucking her. She says it's like a throatpie but it lasts a lot longer and she loves being used as a cocksleeve. It took a bit of training and practice so I could do this for her but it was so worth it. We usually do this either in the shower or outside where there's minimal cleanup. Sometimes I prepare beforehand and other times she catches me by surprise and it gets messy, but she likes it more that way. We just did this earlier today so the memory is really fresh.

I was finishing my shift checking all the farm storehouses and making sure everything was in working order, and have stopped in the last storehouse to chat with some of my cousins. One of my cousins was fucking his sister during the conversation and had her bent over a worktable, pounding her from behind. This is a pretty normal sight and none of us mind, and he continues chatting with us like normal while he fucks her. I was mainly talking with one of my other cousins - their uncle - about distribution and supply chains when he unzipped his jeans and walked over to his niece and stuck his cock in her mouth. She took it hungrily as her uncle fucked her mouth and her brother fucked her pussy, and both of the men just kept talking numbers with me. It was pretty hot and I considered joining them but I had to take a piss and I was getting hungry for dinner so I decided against it. My cock was hardening anyway.

Alice walked in dressed as usual - her heavy natural breasts hung free, and she wore a shawl on her bare shoulders and some high-waisted winter leggings and boots to protect her from the chill outside. Her nipples were erect from the cold and her long ginger hair fell in loose curls to her mid-stomach. She noticed our cousins fucking and smiled before glancing to me with her big blue eyes. "Hey, baby," she said, going up on her tiptoes to kiss me deeply on the lips. Her hard nipples pressed against my chest and I felt a bit of wetness there; she was leaking milk a little. "Done for the day?"

"Mmmm," I murmured against her lips, reaching down to gently flick one of her nipples teasingly. A bit of milk splashed me. "I am."

The sounds of our cousin's balls repeatedly slapping his sisters pussy as he fucked her raw echoed a bit in the storehouse, and she made soft choking noises as she deepthroated her uncle at the same time. It was extremely arousing, but I could feel the pressure in my bladder. Alice glanced between us and pressed against me a bit more, her tits applying pressure to my abdomen. By my reaction, she could tell I had to piss. "Oh, big brother," she said coyly, teasing. "I've caught you at the perfect time. I'm soooo thirsty, you wouldn't believe." Her fingers hooked in my belt loops and pressed against my bladder more and my breath hitched.

"Relieve me, then," I said, breathing shallowly with anticipation. "Like a good girl."

She unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out of my boxers, immediately dropping to her knees. She licked along my semi-hard shaft and gently kneaded my hips with her thumbs, working her way up teasingly to my bladder. She did this slowly, knowing and enjoying the effect she had on me. I had to piss so bad it was all I could think about; it felt like trying to hold back an orgasm. "Let go, big brother," she begged quietly, pouting. "I'm so thirsty, please, I need a drink so badly. Please, I haven't had anything to drink in so long."

She suddenly pressed her thumbs into my abdomen and I couldn't hold it anymore; piss shot out of me in a hard stream and my sister instantly took me in her mouth until I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat, and then she pushed it further, and all I could feel was my hot piss splashing in such a tight and hot hole and going directly down her esophagus. The relief was so overwhelming my knees buckled a little. I was able to slow the stream for a moment and she pulled back to gasp for air, and her mouth and chin were slick with my piss. I could see it in the back of her mouth, and just as quickly she thrust my cock all the way down her throat and I unleashed my stream of piss again full-strength. There was so much that I could feel her gulping against my cock and gagging, and the pressure of that alone was enough to make me cum. The feeling of pissing in such a tight, cramped space and knowing that it was going directly into the stomach of my sister Alice was so incredibly hot. We did this a few times - her catching her breath, me holding my piss until she was ready - until I ran dry and she turned her focus to licking every last drop off my cock. Her chest heaved from exertion and suddenly she made a noise of surprise as our cousin, finished fucking his sister's pussy, crouched down next to Alice and slipped his hand down her leggings to rub her clit. He took one of her breasts in his mouth and sucked as she started deepthroating me again, this time moving her mouth up and down on my cock. I grabbed her face and held it still and started fucking her throat, and it only took a few moments before I emptied my load down her throat, just like my piss. Alice rocked as she gasped for air, swallowing my cum as our cousin fingered and milked her. My sister had a shuddering orgasm and let out a long, low moan before sinking to the floor.

"Away," I ordered our cousin, and he pulled his hand out from my sister's leggings and licked his fingers before standing and returning to his own sister, who was now getting fucked by her uncle. I knelt down and kissed Alice deeply, tasting my own cum and piss on her lips and tongue as she struggled to catch her breath. "You liked your drinks, huh? Swallowed them all like a good girl. My little sister…"

She looked up at me, desire still roaring in her eyes. "Fuck me," she said fiercely. "Give me another baby. Our baby. I need your cum in my womb, please, please, I need it so bad." Her eyes welled with tears and her voice broke with desperation. "Fuck my pussy and give me another baby. Please, I love you so much, I need you inside me." Her words drove me into some kind of primal state and I pushed her back against the cold concrete floor and yanked her leggings down, positioning myself over her.

"How bad do you want me? You know I'll do anything for you," I told her, rubbing the head of my cock against her pussy lips. "My beautiful sister..."

She writhed and cried. "Please please please please, fuck me, fill me up, I need you so badly, I'll do anything, please-" Her breath caught as I slipped my cock inside her, and she was so wet I pushed in smoothly until my balls pressed against her ass. I started pounding her quickly, the sounds of our bodies colliding echoing through the storehouse as she cried in pleasure, only able to repeat, "Please, please, please," tearfully as I fucked her. I hit my peak and stuck myself as deep inside her as I could, shooting my load inside her cunt and felt her body tremble with wave after wave of orgasms beneath me. I kept my cock inside her until I could breathe normally and she stopped shaking, and tearfully she kissed me deeply, wrapping her legs around my hips and anchoring us together. I was so deeply embedded in my sister I couldn't tell where she ended and I began.

"I love you so much," she whispered. "You're all I ever wanted."

"I love you too," I told her. "You're my little sister… I can't say no to you."

We eventually go up off the dirty concrete floor and went back to our cabin to wash up and have dinner, and I'm typing this on my phone after relaxing with a blunt and some TV :)

I have a ton of other stories about my ancestors as well as other stuff I've gotten up to around the farm with the family, so if you're still interested let me know.

Note: I won't be sharing my identity or my family's identities with anyone nor supplying any location details outside of us living in the Southern US. All names have been changed for privacy reasons. No pictures either. It's a safety matter, please respect that.
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Re: Free Use Family Stories [Real] (claimed) u/FTMSavage

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[B/S] Fucking my half sister in front of our free use open family

I have a short story today. To recap from previous posts, I have a few preferred partners (my sister Alice, my cousin Leah, my mom and dad, etc.) but still sleep with others in the family for variety and family bonding. One of the people I sleep with from time to time is one of my half sisters, Caitlin. She's 21, strawberry blonde and freckled with large breasts and curvy hips. Her usual partners are one of our male cousins and a couple of our uncles, but we have fun together sometimes.

A few months back a bunch of us were hanging out celebrating the birthday of one of our aunts. All the kids had gone to bed and it was just 10 or so of the adults in our aunt's living room, spread across a few couches and having drinks while watching some reruns of old shows. I was sitting on one of the sofas and chatting with my brother Vince over a beer when Caitlin sat next to me and leaned in to rest her head on my shoulder. I could tell she was up to something but this kind of thing is normal for our family so I didn't think anything of it. For example, earlier in the night our mom sucked Vince's cock while we were hanging out in the backyard having a barbecue.

Caitlin joined the conversation and casually started massaging my cock over my jeans, and it didn't take long for me to get hard. She unzipped me and pulled my dick out and started jerking me while the three of us talked. Vince was too drunk by this point to even think about sex so we just kept talking and laughing while Caitlin jacked me off. Others continued their conversations on nearby sofas without interruption.

Suddenly Caitlin stopped and said, "My arm's tired," with a laugh. "Wanna fuck me?"

"You know I'd never say no to that," I said with a grin, and Vince laughed as Caitlin climbed into my lap facing me and reached under her dress to line us up. I felt her warm, curvy thighs against me and then the heat and wetness of her pussy lips on the tip of my cock. She slid all the way down on me until our hips were flush and I was as far inside her as possible.

"I always forget how big you are," she said, adjusting and rocking her hips against mine to get comfortable. "I don't know how Alice fucks you so often and still manages to walk."

Vince laughed. "You're telling me; once he fucked my ass and I couldn't sit for the next two days."

I took a sip of my beer, grinning as Caitlin kept rocking herself with my cock fully inside her pussy. "Not my fault neither of you are used to fucking smaller dicks," I joked.

"Give me that," she said, taking my beer can and downing a mouthful before giving it back to me. "Ugh, PBR. Cider is so much better."

"Does the job," Vince said, downing his own drink.

"Are we fucking or cockwarming?" I asked Caitlin with a laugh, and she pinched my arm before sliding her arms around my neck.

"Impatient," she teased, and started lifting her hips off my cock and fucking me. She grinded against my dick and rode me, and we kept chatting with Vince until it got too distracting and we had to focus on fucking. Her pussy was so wet and tight and the night was so perfect, everything felt so good. Her bare, huge tits pressed against my chest and forehead close to mine as we moved together, gaining speed. Someone else in the room laughed, part of their own conversation.

"Doggy?" I asked her breathlessly. She nodded and climbed off me, climbing onto her knees on the couch as I sat up and got into position to fuck her from behind, kneeling on the sofa. I pushed the hem of her dress all the way up past her ass, exposing her wide hips and wet pussy. I pushed my cock back inside of her and started fucking her hard and fast, my balls slapping against her ass. We weren't quiet; between the wet sounds of sex and Caitlin's moans and the sofa's springs creaking it was pretty obvious. I barely noticed our aunt coming over to chat with Vince next to us.

I kept feeling myself getting closer but needed to go faster and deeper so I gripped Caitlin's hips and started pounding her mercilessly. "Oh fuck," she gasped, rubbing her clit as I fucked her into the sofa.

"Sorry to interrupt - does either of you want another drink?" Mom asked, stopping next to the couch and reaching to smooth Caitlin's hair. Caitlin flashed a smile at Mom before moaning as I adjusted myself a bit, still fucking her.

"Could you get me another beer?" I asked Mom breathlessly. "Thanks."

"Of course baby," she said, reaching over and squeezing my shoulder before leaving.

"I'm so close," Caitlin moaned. "Cum in me in missionary." We switched positions again, her flat on her back on the couch as I lowered over her. She wrapped her legs around my hips as I pushed inside, her pillowy tits jiggling as I pounded her pussy into the couch. The angle and depth of penetration had my balls swelling and it was only a couple minutes before I felt Caitlin's pussy start spasming around my cock as she orgasmed, gasping for breath. I finally released my load deep into her pussy, emptying my balls inside her.

"Good work you two," Vince said.

I laughed and wiped sweat off my brow, still thrusting slowly as I rode out my orgasm. "She's always a good partner," I said.

"You too, big brother," Caitlin said with a big smile, chest still heaving from exertion. Her breasts looked so beautiful as she lay beneath me I couldn't help myself; I leaned down, cock still inside her, and suckled her nipple until a bit of milk came out. It was sweet like almond milk. She made a soft contented sound as I drank from her. "Better than beer, isn't it?" she joked.

"It is," I said against her nipple, suckling for another drink before kissing her breast and finally pulling out of her. Vince passed me a napkin to wipe my cock off on and I pulled my jeans back on.

Mom brought me my beer and I thanked her and kissed her cheek. She smiled and slid a hand around to my back, leaning in. "Come join me tomorrow at my cabin; it's been a while since you came inside me."

"We fucked 2 days ago," I reminded her with a light laugh.

"You came in my ass," she said pointedly. "I need you to fuck my pussy." My cock throbbed when she said that and I nodded obediently.

"Strict parenting," Vince joked.

Caitlin sat up and pulled her dress back down before running her fingers through her long hair. "Thanks as always, James," she said, smiling at me before getting up. "I'll come find you again soon."

"Looking forward to it," I told her.
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Re: Free Use Family Stories [Real] (claimed) u/FTMSavage

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[F/d] Secluded free use open family - part 3

Everyone in this story is 18+ and all acts are consensual.

Hey everyone, I thought this time I could share a story about when my sister Alice had her coming of age ceremony. For background context please read my previous stories and posts on my profile.

I'm two years older than Alice so I'd been regularly fucking both of my parents since I'd turned 18, and at this time I was twenty. My mom had already given birth to our first child together.

Alice and I had been in love since we were kids and knew that once we were both of age we'd never stop fucking haha. As teenagers we experimented with each other a lot - she was my first kiss, first handjob, etc. but I won't go into that because we were underage at the time. We never had PIV sex until after she went through her coming of age ceremony on her 18th birthday. Traditionally, in our family, the child has sex with their opposite gendered parent as a rite of passage and if procreation happens it's celebrated. In my case, I slept with our mom and impregnated her (I mention this in part 2.) In Alice's case, she slept with our dad.

Again, our dad is about 6'2, dark haired, muscular in a thicker kind of way not like a bodybuilder, got a full beard and there's some grey in his hair because he's in his early 40s. He's very hairy all over and has a sort of traditional, rugged masculinity. His cock is about 5 inches long and pretty thick. He's an attractive man. Meanwhile, Alice looks like many of my female family members: petite but quite thick and curvy, large thighs and hips and a smaller waist, incredibly large breasts for someone her size that hang loose, rosy skinned and freckled with long gingery hair and blue eyes. Even at 18 she looked voluptuous and like she was built for carrying children, and she was incredibly beautiful (not just saying that because I'm biased.)

Because this was her 18th birthday, she was expected to induce lactation as soon as possible and could no longer wear anything on top that hid her breasts. When I saw her that morning in Spring, her perfect heavy pale breasts completely exposed as we walked in the woods together to get some air before the celebrations started, we kissed heatedly and I put my lips to one of her pink nipples. Her breath caught and I felt her nipple grow hard under my tongue, but of course no milk came out. I told her that once she can lactate she won't be able to get me away from her, and she laughed and told me that she looked forward to it. I wanted so badly to be the first one to fill her with my seed but my father got to claim her first, according to tradition.

Alice always tells me the rest of the story like this:

After our walk, our dad took Alice to the stables on the property. We keep a few horses and use them for some farm duties but also just to have around, and Alice has always loved taking care of them. She fed the horses and groomed them a little while our dad mucked the stables and refilled the water troughs. Just as Alice left one of the stalls she turned and saw our dad sitting on a haybale, his jeans unzipped to expose his thick semi-hard cock. He held it in one hairy, muscular hand and stroked his cock slowly for a few moments, making eye contact with her before stopping. "Well, you aren't going to leave me to do this myself, are you?" he teased with a grin.

Alice looked at our dad's large hands gripping his thick, hard cock and felt herself salivate. He was so strong and authoritative, so completely masculine and dominant. She was his little girl, his daughter; she'd do anything he asked. She walked over to him hesitantly, still a bit shy and aware of her inexperience. "Daddy, you'll have to tell me what to do," she said shyly, looking at him with big blue eyes.

Our dad's cock hardened visibly when she said that, and his grin faded as he looked her directly in the eyes. "Get on your knees and suck my cock," he ordered.

"Yes, Daddy." Like a good girl, Alice went to her knees on the stable floor and looked at our father's thick meaty cock. She admired it for a few moments, hesitantly touching it - it's thick head, wide girth, webs of veins tracing down to the base of the shaft and his hairy balls underneath. She was close enough to smell it, and the smell of sweat mixed with his natural scent made her ache for him below. She wanted to know how he tasted, to have his cum in her mouth. She lightly cupped his balls and said, "It's hard to believe I came out of these once." She leaned down and licked one of his balls, and the taste was stronger than she expected. Desire ached in her and she started sucking gently on his nuts, taking one into her mouth and gently caressing it with her tongue, tasting him. He let out a low moan, his cock hardening further.

She licked her way up the base of his shaft, like she had been told to by our mother, and stopped at his meaty head. She looked up at our dad through her lashes and asked, "Daddy, could you cum in my throat? I want to taste you… you smell so good, I could lick you all day."

Our dad took a fistful of Alice's ginger curls and said, "I'm going to fuck your throat and cum down it as many times as I like. You belong to me. I can do whatever I want to you. Understand?"

Alice's pussy was dripping wet hearing all of this, and she nodded. "Yes, Daddy. Take control. Use me however you wish."

"Good girl," he said approvingly, and guided her lips to his cock. "Suck the tip a little, swirl your tongue around it." Alice did as she was told, licking our father's cock. He ordered her to take him deeper and she did, until he filled her mouth. He then took the sides of her head and held her firmly. "You're my little cocksleeve, baby girl, got it? I'm in control. I'm going to fuck your face the way I fuck my sister's pussy and you're going to take it like a good girl."

"Yes, Daddy," was all she could say before our father started using her throat as his personal cocksleeve, lifting and slamming her mouth over his cock relentlessly, even as she gagged. He let her come up for air for a moment before using her mouth as a fleshlight again. He picked up the pace this time and started lifting his hips with each thrust as he forcefully brought her mouth down on his cock to the base each time, her saliva going everywhere. The fucking stopped abruptly as he pushed her lips right to the base of his cock, embedding himself as he shot ropes of cum down his daughter's throat. Suddenly he let go of her and she pulled her head back, gasping and choking, and swallowed every last drop of his cum she could. Tears had been streaming from her eyes due to the sheer effort required and her mascara was running, and her throat felt raw.

"Such a good girl," our dad said, gently smoothing Alice's hair. "The best daughter in the world, you know that? You're a fucking angel."

Alice smiled even as she coughed a bit, recovering. Our dad's hand on her hair felt soothing and safe, she told me. "Anything for you, Daddy."

He told her to stand up and she did, and he picked her up easily in his large arms. He carried her to the loft above the stables where we kept some more hay bales and a few rugs and lamps. He threw her on her back onto the hay bales and lifted up her skirts, exposing her bare virgin pussy underneath as he lifted her legs in the air and spread them. He started running his fingers along his daughter's pussy lips, his calloused hands rough even when trying to be gentle, and Alice quivered beneath him, already soaking wet. Dad slipped a finger into Alice's pussy and it slid in easily, so he slid in another, and then a third, stretching her. With his other hand he started rubbing near her clit, and then rubbing in circles around it as he fingered his daughter. She moaned and her hips buckled, her body writhing beneath him. "Daddy, I'm gonna cum," she moaned, her legs starting to shake as he started fingering her more aggressively. "Please, please, don't stop, please, I-" her voice cut off as orgasm hit and she shook harder, convulsing a little as waves of pleasure rocked her, and her juices flooded Dad's fingers.

She lay there catching her breath in awe, chest heaving, and watched as our dad brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them, licking up every drop of her juices. Suddenly, seeing his large body standing over her, his thick cock hardening again, she was overcome with the need to have him inside her. "Daddy, fuck me," she whined, desperate. "I need you inside me, please, I need you to cum inside me. Fuck my pussy like Mommy's, give me a baby."

Her perfect pussy, wet and covered in juices, was still exposed to Dad. He dropped his jeans all the way and leaned over her, pushing her flat against the hay as he positioned his body over hers. He balanced himself on arms on either side of her and silently leaned in to kiss her deeply, intimately, like lovers do. She moaned and kissed our dad back, wrapping her legs around his waist and hands around his broad shoulders. She felt the head of his cock at her entrance and she ached for it to be inside her. "Please fuck me," she whined softly against his lips. "Cum in me with your fat cock, Daddy. I need to feel you so bad."

And with that, he thrusted into her tight pussy and her lips fell open in shock at how full she felt. He pushed in until her pussy lips were flat against his pelvis and then, slowly, he started to fuck his daughter. "Good girl," he murmured, reaching down to wrap a hand around her throat. "Let your daddy fuck you. You're gonna have my babies, you know that? You'll be their mom and their sister, you like that huh? You like that, you dirty slut?" He started fucking her harder, pounding into her so quickly the sound of their bodies slapping together filled the stables. Alice moaned as our father fucked her hole relentlessly, his fingers closing tighter around her throat until she couldn't move her head and breathing felt a little tight. "You're gonna carry your dad's babies, you little slut? Are you my good girl, huh? Are you Daddy's good little slut?"

Alice breathlessly moaned in agreement, feeling her orgasm building, and once Dad started playing with her clit it only took her a few more minutes to cum. Her pussy muscles pulsing and tightening as she came set Dad off and he came hard into his daughter, embedding his cock deep inside her pussy as he shot loads into her.

Alice didn't end up pregnant right after her coming of age ceremony, but after that session with Dad it was rare for her to go a couple hours without either his or my cock inside one of her holes (sometimes both at the same time) and within a couple weeks she was pregnant.
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