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From Literotica

Written by: silkstockingslover

-- Son accidentally ass fucks mom at a gangbang.

Mom's a Gangbang Cum Bucket

"They got one!" Darren said excited, walking in on me getting head in my room.

The redhead whose name I couldn't remember began to take my cock out of her mouth, but I held her on my cock and she resumed sucking...chicks loved hockey players.

I smiled. A hockey rookie tradition at our college going back decades was for the freshmen to find and bring a hot MILF to be our personal cum bucket fuck toy at the end of our annual Halloween initiation bash. Although a bizarre tradition, it was the final task that our rookies had to accomplish. Every freshmen would cum in or on the MILF slut, occasionally a teammate would even lose their big "V" in front of his teammates.

That would usually be followed by the rest of team shooting their own load if they had one left to deposit, the Halloween party often a wild party as there was never a shortage of pucks (a Canadian term for girls who put out for hockey players). I had already fucked a cute blonde I couldn't remotely pick out of a police line-up because I was quite drunk and I was already onto my next conquest...a redhead who was bobbing on my cock with enthusiasm, not even commenting or complaining about the obvious reality it smelt like pussy.

The rookies were late; I was beginning to think they may have failed. The bar had closed twenty minutes earlier. In Alberta, the drinking age was eighteen, so all our rookies were legal here. "They were cutting it close."

"But you'll be impressed, she's even wearing thigh highs," Darren added.

It was no secret that I was a leg man. The blonde I fucked earlier was one of only three girls wearing nylons at the party. "Nice," I approved.

"Cutter is confidently bragging he has dethroned you," Darren warned me.

I scoffed. When I was a rookie, I set the record for bringing the ultimate MILF when I brought Mrs. Edison, the dean's hot wife, and then took her ass in front of the seniors. It had become legendary and I had become a God among the boys because of it. I sure as hell wasn't going to have some punk rookie challenge me like that. I said, "I'll be there in a few."

"Take your time," Darren chuckled, leaving me alone with the redhead whose name I still couldn't remember. I originally planned on fucking her, but decided that as long as she was going to bob up and down, I was going to let her.

The redhead was eager and experienced, and once I focused on the pleasure she was giving me, my balls began boiling in a couple of minutes. I used to warn the ladies when I was about to come, but I had really begun to get off shooting my load on a puck's face. I had mastered the art of pulling out a millisecond before I shot my load so she had no time to respond. The look of shock as my cum splattered a puck's face was always a turn on for me.

Feeling my balls about to erupt, I waited a couple more seconds, before pulling out just as the first stream of cum shot out hitting her directly in the face.

She gasped as the second stream hit her in her open mouth as I pumped my cock.

Like most pucks, she didn't freak out, instead opened up her mouth wide to retrieve my cum. After my last stream hit her chin, I slid my cock back in her mouth.

A minute later, I pulled out and she looked up at me, her face coated with cum, ""You could have warned me."

I shrugged, "Next time," although it was unlikely there would be a next time.

"There better be a next time," she said, showing me just how slutty she was as she scooped up the cum on her face and put it in her mouth.

"Of course, Sherry," I nodded, not meaning it.

"It's Beverly," she replied, clearly pissed at me not remembering her name.

Instead of apologizing, I asked, "You sure you're not Sherry?"

"You don't think I know my name?" she snapped, getting off her knees.

"Sorry," I shrugged, feeling bad, but too drunk to really care I was curious how the gangbang was going.

"You asshole," she snapped and walked out before I could respond. I guess there wasn't going to be a next time after all.

I finished my beer and headed to the locker room where the gangbang had been taking place since the rink was built in the early 1980s.


I texted Darren, "No one gets the ass before me."

Just then my sister called. "Hi, what's up?" I asked.

"Mom's not home," Clarissa said frantically.

Clarissa was a senior in high school and still lived at home with Mom. I could have too, as I was going to college and playing hockey in my hometown, but I loved the freedom of the dorms...especially for bringing the ladies back for some late night fun (plus I was on a full ride scholarship so it wasn't costing me anything). I pointed out the obvious, "She's an adult, she can look after herself."

"It's three o'clock," she pointed the obvious at me.

"Where did she go tonight?" I asked, trying to calm down my frantic sister. It didn't help that our father had died three years ago in a car accident late at night. So Clarissa's worry came from a natural feeling.

"Out with friends to some Halloween party," she answered.

"Then I'm sure she is fine," I said, although she was not really a night owl.

"She isn't answering her phone," she continued, my comforting words not seeming to help.

"If she is at a party, she probably can't hear her phone," I suggested.

"Based on what she was wearing there was nowhere to put a phone anyway," she said.

Mom was a secretary at an oil company and was always dressed prim and proper. She had big tits, wearing a 38DD bra, as I learned snooping one day when I still lived at home, but hid them with blouses and blazers. She had great legs and always wore pantyhose, which is likely where my own nylon fetish began, seeing her legs and feet in nylons every day growing up (she didn't get out of her work outfit until after dinner at the earliest). Curious, many fantasies popping into my head, I asked, "What was she wearing?"

"You won't believe it," she said.

"Just tell me," I sighed, hating how over dramatic she could be.

"A school girl's outfit," she revealed. "A very slutty one."

"No way," I said, imagining my hot mom in such an outfit. I had shot so many loads fantasizing about my mother I could fill up a sperm bank...singlehandedly.

"Plaid skirt, white blouse and thigh high stockings she borrowed from me," she continued.

The idea of my sister owning thigh high stockings quickly made my already growing cock completely erect. My sister was cute in that nerdy short of way. That said, she had a big rack like Mom. "What did she borrow from you?" I asked, unsure if it was just the thigh high stockings or everything, Clarissa didn't go to a school that required uniforms.

"The thigh highs," she responded exasperated. "Why does that matter?"

"It doesn't," I replied, getting the answer I was curious about.

"Well, what are we going to do?" She asked.

Horny as hell, the thought of my mom wearing thigh high stockings a major turn on, and wanting to go and bang the recruited MILF slut, I said, "I'm just out for a walk. Give me twenty minutes and if she still isn't home we'll come up with a plan."

"Fine, but I'm really worried," she said.

"It's Mom, she is the most responsible person we know. She is fine," I reassured her, confident that was the case.

"Okay, okay, you're probably right," she said, slightly relieved.

"You'll make a good nagging wife one day," I joked.

"Bite me," she said back before hanging up.

With only five rookies this season, I imagined it would be time for the rest of us to have our turn. I went into the rink, to the locker room and walked in on a woman getting banged from behind although I couldn't see the rest of her.

"The ass is yours," Cutter said greeting me.

"Bang her already?" I asked the punk rookie.

"I shot a load in her cunt," he nodded, handing me lube.

I laughed, looking at the lube, "You always have lube on you?"

He shrugged, "Always be prepared."

"Apparently," I said, shaking my head, as I quickly got out of my pants.

Jimmy had pulled out of her and both her back holes were available for me. The lighting was shitty, so I couldn't get a good look at her face, plus she was blindfolded, which was also a tradition of ours, but I didn't care what she looked like...I wanted a piece of MILF ass. I moved behind her, lubed her ass and said, as Joey face fucked her, "Hope you like it in the ass."

I heard a muffled response, but Joey was now holding her head as he roughly face fucked her. Deciding that was not a no, I lubed my cock and slid it inside her tight ass. As asses always are, it was heaven. So tight, so warm and so taboo, it was the way I got off the quickest.

All six inches slowly disappeared between her ass cheeks and it was obvious that she either had never had a cock in her ass, or it was very rare. Her body tensed and she whimpered even as Joey continued fucking her face.

Once all in, I savoured the moment like I always do, before I began to slowly fuck her. I love to get an ass loose before I really ream it. Anal virgins always feel the pain first, but once I prep it with some slow penetration, they eventually get into it and begin to enjoy it. Lots of women, I had also learned, after taking it in the ass once, start to crave it.

Joey grunted and winked at me as he deposited his load down the MILF's mouth. I chuckled, "At least warn her."

He shrugged, "This slut is an insatiable cum guzzler."

Cutter, who was smilingly from ear to ear added, "I knew she was the one when she blew me under a table at the bar."

"And me on the cab ride here," added Sam.

"Fuck, she is a wild one," I agreed, as the MILF began bouncing back on my cock.

"Shit, she loves it in the ass," Brent added.

"Oh yes, take my cock," I grunted, reaching and grabbing her pigtails.

"Aaaaah," she whimpered, as she slammed into me just as my brain began to recognize that voice.

Suddenly, Louie Louie began playing and I froze. In a heartbeat, an obvious revelation hit me. That was my Mom's ringtone, she was last seen wearing a school girl outfit, and she was missing. It was obvious I was ass-fucking my mom.

With no one else really in ear shot, she whispered, as she kept bouncing on my dick, "Keep fucking me, we can't let them know you know."

Mom knew I was fucking her. She had already known before I had realized it and had been enthusiastically bouncing on my cock. The thought was surreal and yet undeniably true. Realizing I had to act natural, I continued meeting my mom's backwards thrusts.

My mind was spinning. On the one hand, years of stroke fantasies were coming true. Yet, on the other hand, most of my teammates were unknowingly watching an act of incest.

I wanted to come quickly and find a way to get her out of there, before someone recognized she was my mom, and I cursed already having shot two loads in two random coeds. All the players who were not rookies would definitely recognize her if they got an up close and personal look (she came to all the games). Yet, I also never wanted this to end...fucking her, especially in the ass, was the most amazingly surreal moment of my life.

Suddenly Darren appeared in front of Mom and shoved his cock in her mouth.

Mom, not knowing it was Darren, my best friend and someone who had known my mom for years, grabbed his ass and pulled him closer to her as she went back and forth on our two cocks. My mom was the hungriest, sluttiest MILF we had ever had...which was both really cool and really fucked up.

Darren and I had tag teamed a few sluts in our day, but this was something else.

After a couple more minutes of Mom bouncing back on my cock and then deep-throating Darren's, her cell phone rang again. "Maybe we should let the slut get it."

Brent quipped, "Yeah, maybe it's her husband."

That pissed me off. Usually the joke would have been funny, as banging married MILFs was my thing, yet knowing her husband, my dad, was dead, really ticked me off.

Darren agreed with me, although out of amusement and not protection of my mother, "I'll get it for the slut."

I glanced at Cutter. who was smiling from ear to ear.

"Harder, fuck my ass harder," Mom demanded, either desperately trying to get me off or really enjoying being sodomized by her son. Both were frankly a turn on.

Darren took the phone out of her purse, clicked talk and held it to my mom's ear.

"H-h-hello," she stammered, as I no longer cared that she was my mother, but rather more turned on by pounding her as she talked to my sister.

I didn't slow down as she continued to try and have a conversation.

"Sorry, honey, my phone dieddddd," she answered, before adding, "and is almost dead again."

"I'm next," Blaine said, our only black teammate with a cock that made the stereotype about black cocks seem true.

"Oh, the party is still crazyyyyyyy," Mom answered.

Blaine walked over to my mom, his nine inch cock dangling between his legs, as Mom promised, "I'll be home soon, honey."

"Don't count on it," Blaine said, shoving his cock in her mouth.

The slippery sounds of cocksucking as Blaine roughly fucked her face echoed throughout the room as Darren held the phone still by her ear.

"Hang up, dumb ass," I ordered, worried my sister would catch on that Mom was sucking cock.

Darren shrugged, but did as I said, tossing the phone back in her purse.

"Only one hole unoccupied," he shrugged.

"Let me finish first," I ordered, my balls beginning to boil and her pussy unavailable in this position. Plus, I was still trying to get her out of there unrecognized.

Soon my Mom was again riding back and forth, although this time taking a much bigger cock in her mouth. Watching my mom take such a big cock made me wonder if this wasn't her first gangbang.

A minute later, I finally came, shooting a load in her ass, something I loved doing. Pulling out, cum leaking out of her ass, I joked, "That hole is probably done for the night."

"Shit, don't pull out," Darren scolded, "I sure as hell don't want to be fucking her ass and your cum.

"That's why I'm the captain," I shrugged as Darren slid his cock in her pussy.

"We should probably send the bitch home pretty soon," I suggested, very unlike me.

"Why?" Cutter asked, still fucking smiling. Did he know she was my mom? "Still a couple guys who want a go."

I really had no answer. We usually fucked the MILF until every guy here had spent a load in her, sometimes two.

"Plus, every MILF gets finished off in a triple penetration," Brent said.

Only Brent and Charlie hadn't fucked her yet. I was thankful a few veterans hadn't made it back here tonight, so I figured maybe having her triple penetrated would end her night.

Blaine agreed, "Not until she rides me."

He pulled out, lifted my Mom up like she was a feather and, while holding her, sat back down and lowered Mom on his nine inch thick missile.

"Holy shitttttt," Mom screamed, as her cunt was widened and filled, I imagine, unlike ever before.

"Ride me, bitch," Blaine ordered.

Mom obeyed, like a good slut, as she began bouncing up and down and breathing heavy. "Holy fuck, your cock is so fucking big."

"And your cunt is so fucking tight," he groaned.

After another minute of my mother breathing heavy, Blaine asked, "You like my cock, you slut?"

"God, yessssss," she screamed, her orgasm hitting her. "I fucccccking love it."

Thankfully Blaine has a quick trigger and he soon shot a load in her cunt, as my mom collapsed into him.

"Triple penetration time," Darren declared.

"No more," Mom weakly protested, clearly spent.

"Just three more, slut," Darren said, as he lifted her up and Blaine moved, cum gushing out of mom.

Soon the final three were triple penetrating her, as Cutter walked over to me.

"I can't believe you fucked your mom," he whispered.

I glared at him. "You knew?"

"You knew?" he countered.

"Not until it was too late," I said.

"Reallly?" he asked, "you seemed to catch on long before you finished fucking her."

"This stays between you and I," I threatened.

"I didn't know it was her when I first drew her in, but eventually she told me about her college hockey son and I knew," he smugly continued.

"This goes nowhere," I repeated my threat.

"Don't worry, only I saw her whole face. I blindfolded her when we left," he added.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"No more condescending bullshit from you," he began.

"Agreed," I nodded, hoping that was all.

"And you owe me three favours, no questions asked, when I request them," he added.

"Fine," I agreed, desperate to keep the secret between just the two of us.

"It was fucking cool watching you ass fuck your mother," he said, as he turned to look at Mom taking all three cocks again and seemingly getting more energy as she was bounced back on both cocks in her pussy and ass.

"Shut up," I snapped.

"Just saying, I wouldn't mind fucking my mom," he added.

A smile crossed my face. "Is that one of your favours?"

"Maybe," he shrugged, just as Brent pulled out and shot his load all over mom's face.

Charlie pulled out of her ass, moved around and crudely ordered, "taste your chocolate, slut," before he shoved his cock in her mouth.

Mom rode Darren's cock furiously, before he grunted and shot his cum in her cunt. Charlie followed suit with a grunt as he deposited a load in her mouth.

I threatened, "If you break this deal, I'll break your face."

Cutter didn't say anything, just smiled, as I grabbed my phone and dialed for a cab.

As mom lay there trying to recover from her gangbang, the other boys chatted about hockey as they got dressed and quickly headed out.

I helped Mom stand up, whispered in her ear, "It's over," and helped her towards the cab that would arrive shortly.

Darren was the last one left and offered to stick around, but I said I was just going to make sure she got in a cab...I joked it was the least I could do.

Once alone, I took off her blindfold and said, "I'm so sorry."

Her eyes were bloodshot, clearly she was drunk, as tears began instantly streaming, "I can't believe you saw me like that."

I thought to myself, I did a lot more than see, but instead said, "It's okay, Mom."

"Okay?" she asked, "I just let my son fuck my ass and got gangbanged by all his teammates."

"But no one knew it was you," I comforted, even though that wasn't completely true.

"I'm soooo sorry," she cried, crashing into me.

I held onto her silently, just holding her.

Finally I whispered, "I love you, Mom."

Sniffling, "How could you love me after that?"

"Want my honest answer?" I asked.

She looked up at me, "Yes."

"Mom, you are beautiful and I've fantasized about you my whole life," I admitted.

"Y-y-you have?" she stammered, surprised.

"God, yes. You're beautiful, have huge breasts and my nylon fetish started because of your legs and feet in nylons every day," I said, throwing it all on the table.

"You really think I'm beautiful?" she asked.

"No, I know you're beautiful," I admitted, as I looked into her eyes and, without even realizing I was doing it, kissed her.

She kissed me back and it was soft and tender, such a contrast to the ganging I was just a part of.

Breaking the kiss, she apologized again, "Sorry."

"Mom, never be sorry," I smiled. "You are an adult and can make your own decisions."

"But I fucked you," she said.

"And I fucked you," I admitted, and deciding to go for broke, "and I would do it again."

"You want to have sex with your Mom?" she asked, surprised and yet clearly flattered.

"You have two holes I haven't explored," I smiled, being my suave self.

"Cancel the taxi," she said, as she dropped to her knees and fished out my cock again.

As she took me in her mouth, I pulled out my phone, cancelled the taxi and said, "By the way, Mom, you look fucking hot in that school girl uniform."

She moaned on my cock as it grew again in her mouth.

Was this a one night only thing? I had no idea, but I hope not.

Either way, after all the moms I had fucked over the years, I was going to enjoy one night of being a REAL mother fucker.

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