My Second Time Having a Train Run On Me. S/B, Cousins, Friends

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My Second Time Having a Train Run On Me. S/B, Cousins, Friends

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My Second Time Having a Train Run On Me
By u/IKnowImABadSlut

Last night was crazy. Ive never had that many people fuck me in one night. All day I had been teasing my brothers friends and even a couple of my cousins. Making comments on how good they look. Getting handsy with some. Dancing real close and letting their hands wander. Any excuse I had to talk about sex I would and Id talk about things I like and do.

It got closer to 9pm and the older adults were going off to another house to leave us at my house to have a small party between the 12 of us. My three brothers, two cousins, Me, And six friends. The girls who had attended left earlier to see fireworks with boyfriends. I changed back into my bikini and started swimming in the pool again. Some of the guys also joined me and were feeling up on me under the water.

Three of the friends and both cousins were in the pool with me. So was one of my brothers. The rest were inside playing video games and drinking. They took off my top and started to suck on my breasts. My cousins and brother just stared and I stared right back at them. Eventually one of the friends was sitting on the edge of the pool with his dick out. I sucked him off while another friend was behind me fucking me.

The three friends took turns on me in the pool and swapped places. I guess my cousins had enough because they decided it was their turn. Those two cousins were brothers. I was blowing one while the other fucked me. The three friend made my brother get closer and he was feeling up my breasts while I got fucked. As soon as the cousin I was blowing came I told my brother to sit up on the ledge.

“Do you want your big sister to take care of you?” And he just nodded. So I sucked his dick until he came in my mouth while my the other cousin took his turn fucking me. They both came at the same time. I put my top back on and told them that I would be in my room. Leave the lights off but that anyone who wants to can come in and fuck me. They asked me what if I was sleeping and I told them it was fine still. I also made sure to remind them to tell the others who were inside.

I went to my room. Cleaned up in my bathroom and lubed up my ass. I put my biggest butt plug in me and laid in bed naked. It didnt take long. All night long I got fucked. I got fucked so much that I didn't even really sleep at all. Everyone there came into my room and came in me. Theyd remove my butt plug, cum in my ass, and plug it back up. Occasionally they'd come in two at a time and I'd blow one while the other fucked me. I was covered in sweat, spit, and cum. God it was the hottest experience of my fucking life.
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