Me (19M) my sister (25F) and her husband (29M) nsfw

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Me (19M) my sister (25F) and her husband (29M) nsfw

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Me (19M) my sister (25F) and her husband (29M)

I recently moved in with my married sister Lisa and her husband Mitch back in May as they live close to the college I attend and with things the way they are financially I figured to save money over the summer and help them out as well. I was never close to Lisa due to our age difference, and the fact she moved out for college and never came back, so we had very little close contact as I got older. To supplement their income Mitch and Lisa started a small amateur adult site where they share their pics and video's. So a week after I moved in Mitch took me out to play golf one morning and tell me what was going on and what I should expect or if I might be uncomfortable with it. 'It' being their side 'adult' business he explained to me and seeing my sister in various dress or undress when they shot content for their website around the house or in the backyard by the pool a couple times a month They just wanted to know if I would be comfortable or if they should try to restrain some of their activities when I was around. I was ok with everything so long as my sister was.

Fast forward a month (two weeks ago) and after seeing Lisa in bikinis by the pool and sexy house outfits I hadn't seen them video or do anything sexual till that point. So on this particular Saturday afternoon Mitch and my sis were out by the pool filming her in a sexy bikini and I came outside to watch. It was all glam type stuff until she took her top off while making eye contact with me to see if or how I would react. When I stood there quietly just checking her out she removed to her bottoms. I think she knew I was more than interested in just watching because she looked at my shorts and then started putting on a show for me while Mitch just filmed away. After a few minutes rubbing oil on herself she looked at me while rubbing her pussy, then at Mitch and back at me and lifted her finger as if to come closer. This was already way beyond anything I imagined when Mitch had his talk with me. I looked at Mitch and he nodded so I approached her lounge and sat on the one next to her staying out of the shot. She reached her hand out for me and grabbed my hand and pulled it towards her. I had to lean in as she placed it on her breast and after a few seconds I started massaging her and when she seemed to let out a small moan that she approved, I moved my other hand on the other breast. While I was doing that she was quietly moaning and slipping her hand to my crotch. She started rubbing my now fully hard dick. She seemed a little surprised but very excited to find me so hard so fast. Before long she had me out of my pants stroking me as I worked a hand down her flat stomach to her pussy and started rubbing her. I poked a finger in and she yelped in excitement and at that point Mitch spoke up and said to halt things. The yard is fenced in so no one can look in but Mitch thought it best to continue this inside.

The sliding doors led into the kitchen as I followed Lisa who led me by the hand and Mitch trailed with his equipment. We walked into the living room and Lisa turned and pushed me down on the couch. Here we were Lisa and I naked (I dropped my shorts in the kitchen) and Mitch with his camera running. She knelt down and between my legs and started stroking me and then took me in her mouth. Just at that moment I inhaled and I could hear Mitch saying "this is fucking hot". Lisa just hummed with me in her mouth and giving me the best blowjob I'd ever had even if I only had a few at that point. One in college at a party on a drunken truth or dare type thing and a couple from a girl I dated my senior year in high school and lost my virginity to. After a few minutes of blowing me and me really trying not to come to fast, Lisa probably sensed this and climbed on top of me. It was then Mitch moved for the first time as he'd been mesmerized watching us. He moved from the side to behind to catch all the action. There wasn't much though as I finished maybe two dozen strokes and Lisa never stopped. Even after I finished still inside she kept a slow grind even if not lifting herself up. Mitch broke the silence and tension with a "holy fuck" and then asked how we were. Lisa and I hadn't spoken other than moans since it started by the pool. We said we were great, Lisa said the sex was unlike any she'd had. Not better or worse, just different. Mitch said he wanted to go to his computer and watch this again and Lisa grabbed me and led me to the bathroom where we took a quick shower and then to my bedroom where we went at it in private and covered all the bases. I went down on her this time and we did a 69 and I even licked her ass which she squealed and wiggled around so I slipped a finger in and set her off like a rocket and came her first time with me. I didn't get to fuck her that time because I finished in her mouth during the 69, but she did promise me we'd finish what we started, but should get back downstairs to Mitch.

After a breather and watching that first fuck again together we all talked. Lisa said they were in an open marriage and a very sexual couple. That they tried swinging but didn't like the aspect of strangers and not knowing who they were or where they've been or on occasion when one of them wanted to swing alone... who to trust, especially in the case with Lisa being alone with someone. So when I moved in with them they spoke between themselves and Mitch pitched the idea of bringing me into their relationship. Mitch said it was more about Lisa anyway so he didn't need for me to bring another girl into the mix.
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Re: Me (19M) my sister (25F) and her husband (29M) nsfw

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Re: Me (19M) my sister (25F) and her husband (29M) nsfw

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Quite a hot story, and well told.

Incest has become somewhat (!) of a rare topic on the web these days. There’s some fiction of course, but always interesting to hear personal stories.

My interest in the topic emerged after what my wife divulged about her grandfather. Nothing I would ever do, but it can be somewhat arousing. To say the least.

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