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Re: Introduce yourself

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Hi Mojo. You sound like the exact type of friend I would love to find. A smooth shaven man who dresses and acts like a woman. I would love to meet you after you have gotten yourself all dolled up for me. We would sit, have a glass of wine, fondle and kiss, and eventually get each others cocks out. I would love to suck you listening to your soft moans and feel your hips buck as you near climax. While stroking my own cock, I would suck you off until you came so hard in my mouth. I would swallow everything and keep sucking until you started to soften. Now its your turn to suck and edge me until I can't take it anymore. As I get close, I take one strong inhale from the popper bottle and my heart starts to race. Now you double down on your sucking and I literally explode into your mouth while my legs are shaking and I almost faint from the pleasure.

Can't wait to schedule our next visit :-)
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Re: Introduce yourself

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Oh my Peter, it sound like you know your way to a gurls heart . . . And cock. I would love to be your girl and do whatever pleases you. Nothing better than a dominant man that knows what he wants.

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