My first attempt at a my memoirs

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My first attempt at a my memoirs

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These stories are based on my real-life experiences. Of course, I've embellished some details and changed the names to protect privacy.
This is my first attempt at writing a story , so please be patient and forgive my obvious lack of skill as I write. I'm using Grammarly as an assistant to help with errors and proper punctuation.
The Title "Dating Site Surprise" is because, in my haste to set up the account, I forgot to set age parameters. The error introduced me to my love and infatuation for Mature women. Enjoy, and please feel free to comment and or email me with suggestions or just to let me know if you liked it or not.
Thank you,

I met my bride while in high school. Our attraction was instant and intense. She had just turned 18; I was turning 19 in two weeks.
Although there was lots of heavy petting, there was no fucking until my birthday evening. My first Sexual intercourse encounter was my birthday gift! I couldn't wait. A blowjob and several rounds of fucking and pussy eating. Followed by some intense partying.

Fast forward a month, and she is late. Pregnant on our first fuck! Ugh, a baby would complicate things. Do we keep it? Abort? We decided to keep it, and three months later, we were married. Six months after that, a beautiful daughter is born.
We moved to her hometown in Indiana so she could be close to her family to help with the baby. I made a decent life for my new family. I went to work in the mills, and life moved forward.

After twenty-three years, and out of the blue, with no indication of marital problems, My lovely wife presented me with divorce papers. This destroyed me, and now she wants me to move out? WTF! Where am I supposed to go? No real friends to speak of. A buddy that I later found out she was fucking. Crushed once more, I decided to leave and return to Oklahoma. At least I had family there.

New Beginning? Ugh :(

I was greeted by my Beautiful cousin when I arrived in town. It had been 30-plus years since I had been to my birthplace. Home felt good, and I picked up where I'd left off when we moved when I was 12. My family here is mostly Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles.

I started the process of healing, trying to make some sense of this. I started a new job, and rented a house. now to find a social life. its been seven months since I'd had any sex! After a lifetime of fucking 4-5 times a week, my balls were full and aching. They needed some pussy attention.

My cousin and I had fooled around when we were younger, but mostly heavy petting. She was now a full-grown sexy woman, She is a 5'7" American Indian woman. She has dark skin, long black hair and brown eyes, beautiful Perky C-cup tits, perfect hips and ass, and long legs.

She felt terrible for me and decided to help me set up an account on a popular dating site. POF We laughed as we read through all the listings and viewed pictures posted by the members. I was getting aroused by simply browsing.

She asked what was wrong while laughing hysterically at me.

I was squirming and trying to adjust my erection. HaHa funny I smirked. You don't have an 8" dick in between your legs. She laughed harder and exclaimed neither do you!

I cocked an eyebrow and asked if she wanted to wager on that? Lol, she was so confident since she'd seen my penis when we were younger. She said sure, I could use a few extra bucks. I have 20 dollars ill put on that! she exclaimed. I said ok, but I don't want money. I need a blowjob. She giggled and said ok, pull it out!

Her eyes were focused on the bulge in my pants when I dropped them to the floor, and my now throbbing cock was at full attention. As she locked onto the view of my cock she nearly fell out of her chair, eyes wide, and without thinking, licked her lips. WOW! she exclaimed. Where did that come from? I don't remember it being that big. Well, I grew up, and he did too! Now pay up, sucker! As I smiled.

She had often licked and sucked on my dick while I fiddled with her pussy when we were younger. Mom called it hanky panky; we just called it FUN.

Now with my beautiful tan-skinned Indian cousin on her knees and my cock in her hands, looking mesmerized. She opened her sexy lips and encircled the head of my 8" cock. with ease and swallowed it down her throat. OOH, MY GOD, I moaned. That's better than I remember! She smiled around my shaft and continued reciprocating on my cock with her mouth. THAT'S GOOD. My head leaned back, and my eyes rolled back. Before long, I felt my balls tighten and release a load I'd held for a few months. Wave after wave of my hot cum shooting down her beautiful throat. She gobbled down the last drop and finished with an audible pop as she pulled her suction loose from my cockhead. Aahhh! Thanks, Lilly. I needed that, I said. You're welcome, cuz. Now let's get you set up.

Lilly and I start to build a profile for this dating site POF. We start with my description first. Ok, first line, hmm. John Brown, age 56, 6' tall, 230 lbs. interested in? Hmm? Women, for sure. Casual hookups, nothing serious. Casual hookups? Lilly said I don't think that casual hookups are allowed to be in the ad. we laughed, and I said well, a guy can hope, right?

Well, as it turns out. It's one of the choices. So clearly, I checked that box.
Me not being too picky about the pussy I'm cumming in, I skimmed over the rest. We took a few exciting pics and hit publish.

While we were laughing about the whole process, my phone dinged. And then again and again and again. Oh shit, I exclaimed. What did we do? So we start looking at the first message, and then a picture of a stunning Redhead appears, followed by about six additional images of her in various degrees of undress.
I'm flabbergasted and quickly getting hard from what I was seeing.

Lilly laughed and blurted out Dayum! I don't think getting laid is going to be a problem. I smiled and replied It doesn't appear so. I replied to the redhead; her name was Stephanie. We message back and forth a few times and set up a meeting at a local bar.

I then moved on to the next woman in a growing line. This girl, whose name is Kaycee, was equally stunning and only 18. and the first image I opened was a sexy trim-toned young Indian girl. OMG! She was naked as the day she was born and had two fingers buried in her wet snatch. Lilly looked at her and then at me, and she had this look of lust in her eyes as she took off her top and slid out of her skirt. She was incredibly horny and was pulling at my belt. I smirked at her and asked what was wrong. She replied by slapping me across the face with her pussy soaked panties. Yeah, she said I need that cock! NOW!

Well, you don't have to tell me twice. I dropped my pants and boxers to reveal my family snake. Do you mean this Cock? I grinned and grabbed it by the base, and waved it at her. She jumped to her knees and engulfed the entire length of my manhood into her hot mouth. She licked and sucked like it was the last cock she would ever have.

She was tugging at my balls and dragging her long nails along the length of my member. She then dropped it from her mouth and pushed me back onto her bed. She climbed onto my cock and was fully impaled on my fuck meat. I moaned in pure ecstasy as she began to buck wildly. She raised until I was almost entirely out of her dripping cunt. Then she dropped her total weight, grunting over and over. Suddenly she let out a wail that sounded like an Apache war cry! Ayeeeeyee! I'm CUMMMMING as she splashes her orgasm all over my shaft and balls, dripping down my ass crack and soaking the sheets.

I took over because she had lost all ability to do anything that resembled cohesive movement. I began to slam my hardness into her still-dripping cunt. My hips raised to meet her ass with force. I hammered her pussy for a few more minutes and felt my balls tightening as I sprayed my seed inside her soaked pussy. As she finally regained composure, she looked at me and said did you just pump your seed into my unprotected, very fertile pussy?
I smiled and said Oops! I couldn't help it. She laughed and said well, you better hope you didn't just impregnate me! Hmm, I thoughts as I placed a finger and thumb on my chin. I'm sure Uncle John would spin in his grave if he knew we were fucking I said.

She grinned and said nah, we fucked regularly through my late teens and 20s. My jaw dropped as I thought about that. Where do you think I learned to give blowjobs? she quipped. I looked down at my now fully erect cock and said that turns me on thinking about it. Do you want some more seed? I chuckled.

She climbed off the bed and duck-walked to the bathroom to clean up. I continued to check out my message box, which was now nearly full. Wow, I said this is going to be fun. I made a date with the beautiful Indian girl. I then moved on to the subsequent 8-10 messages.
They are sexy but looking for soulmates. I think I made ten dates before Lilly came out of the shower. I had to shut it off for now. I already had the next couple of weeks filled with dates.

The next morning I signed in to see an unusual name, one I don't hear often. Irma, I opened the message, and a picture of an old lady appeared. She is about 5 feet tall with large breasts, a tiny waist, and a thin face, with silver hair pulled up in a bun sitting neatly atop her head. Irma asked simply if I would be so kind as to call her. I'm completely confused by this. What happened? Did my profile get posted in some knitting club group by accident? But she put her number in the message so I decided to call her.

Ring ring! Hello answered this soft voice that brought to mind my grandma; I said hello, Irma, my name is John. I got your message and was curious how my profile had come to be where you could see it. She quietly smirked and said it popped up in my matches. Oh, I asked. Are you looking for casual sex too? She said well, at my age, it's hard to find a hard cock. I need one to service me a few times a week, just as she talked about the weather or grocery shopping. I was intrigued. And so was my cock.

I asked her if she wanted to come over for a cup of coffee. With excitement, she asked, now?? I said sure. And gave her my address. She said I'll be there shortly.
Well, now I'm a little scared, nervous, and super horny. I paced and waited for what seemed like forever, but it was only about 10 minutes. I peeked through the blinds as the headlights turned into the driveway. Shit! Now I'm nervous. Why? Maybe because she looks like my grandmother.
A light tap on the door brought me out of my daze. I answered the door, and She gave me a soft hug and a kiss. So we sat down and had a friendly chat. It was like I was chatting with my Nana.

Irma's ample breasts with large nipples pushed against the fabric of her linen dress. I'm feeling mixed emotions right now. I looked up at her dress and saw she wore no panties. I raised my eyes to meet hers, and she was grinning.
Do you see anything interesting she said coyly. My cock jumped to life. And she quickly noticed the bulge in my shorts. Mmm, she moaned as she licked her lips, can I see that beautiful cock? she purred. I stood and dropped my shorts, setting free my fuck meat. She reaches out and wraps her tiny hands around my shaft. Mmm, I moaned and caressed her soft breast as I lightly pinched her large erect nipples.
She leaned forward and sucked in my cockhead, slowly licking and sucking more and more until she had the full thick 8 inches buried in her throat. She stroked as she sucked me in and out. I felt my knees go weak as my balls tightened, and I whispered in her ear, Nana, I'm going to cum now. I proceeded to fill her throat with my hot sticky load.

She moaned and swallowed every drop and only let it go after she was sure she had every drop. Then she reached up and cupped my face and kissed me; I kissed her back as her tongue parted my lips. What a wonderfully soft, gentle kiss. She pulled back and said well? I said I think I can service your needs

The next day was surreal. I had to figure out how my profile was in Irma's inbox. I opened my profile and went to settings. Wow, somehow, I had left the default age parameters. They were set to 18-99! Shit. And Irma, it turns out, is 79 years old. OMG! This was very surprising, and it was the beginning of a fetish for me. I can't look at old ladies anymore without thinking about how they would fuck or suck.

As I was getting ready to start my day, my phone buzzed with a new notification. I headed to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee and checked my emails while waiting for it to brew. That's when I saw Irma's message asking if we could get together later that evening.

It was Monday, and I had to start a new job today. No free time until Friday night. I replied to her message and set up a time to come over.

The week's mundane orientation and training made the days drag on for what seemed like forever. Friday was finally here, and I was excited about what the evening would hold.

I came home from work and had a few beers to relax and think about the upcoming events that evening; my head was buzzing from the alcohol and the excitement.

I stripped and climbed into a hot shower; my cock stood at attention, just as excited as me. It seemed to have a mind of its own. My balls were aching, and my cock was like a steel rod, demanding polishing!
Irma is a plain older woman with a small frame and ample breasts that sag a bit but are still very nice and a small tummy pooch. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest this evening.

The clock is reading 6:38 pm. She's coming over at 8:00 pm, and I'm pacing like a convict on death row now; why am I so nervous? She'd sucked my cock like a pro, but I hadn't seen much of her body, except for the small gray hairy patch between her legs when I noticed she wasn't wearing panties.

It was now 8:05, and I saw her headlights pulling into my driveway. I was in my boxers and a T-shirt when she knocked on the door. My cock lurched with anticipation as I opened the door. Come in, please, I greeted my guest.
Irma smiled and came inside. Her long silver hair was pulled up into a neat bun perched on her head. She was wearing a dress that was clearly handmade and strappy sandals.
She spoke in a familiar Oklahoma drawl, I see your friend is joining us this evening, with a smirk. I felt the blood rush to my face as I blushed. yes ma'am I believe he is.

She wasted no time as I got us a drink she stripped her dress off as if by pushing a single button.

I was enchanted by the look of her large breast and equally large areolas with long stiff nipples that seemed to rest on top of the beautiful mounds of milky white flesh. Her silver pussy hair was neatly trimmed with a large clitoris peeking out from between her beautiful rose-petal-like lips that were begging for a kiss. She tugged at my boxers as I handed her the beverage. she was ready to fuck!

I set my drink aside and leaned down to kiss her, her lips met mine with a passion, like she had not kissed a man in years. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and savored it, our tongues wrestling with abandon as her hands are inside my boxers and wrapped around my member. I slid my boxers off while I remained in lip lock with this very capable Cougar.

We made our way to the bedroom where she laid back on the bed, shyly spreading her thighs.

I stopped for a moment to remove my shirt. I dropped to my knees and admired the feast before me. I licked her wet slit up to her small penis-like clit. it was as big around as my finger and about 1-1/2" long. I sucked it in as she gasped for a breath, letting my tongue slip down and lap up the honey dripping from her pussy. I continued licking around her tiny shaft as she shuttered and began to shake, her pussy exploded as she squirted and soaked my face and beard with her old lady juice. I lapped it up like a kitten drinking milk from a bowl.

She slipped into a low moan and a steady gyration that continued as she flooded my mouth with her thick honey. She bucked wildly as she orgasmed once again. she tugged on my cock as if to pull it to her pussy. Please she begged, I need that cock now!

I positioned myself between her legs and she grabbed my cock and rubbed it firmly across her clit and down to her entrance. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pushed me inside her. I was inside this 79-year-old silver-haired grandmother. surreal as I slowly slipped into her wet pussy. all 8 thick inches are buried deep inside her honey hole, my balls are resting on her ass.

I'm savoring the moment when her stern voice snapped me back to reality, "come on boy! focus!, give me that cock! hard and fast! yes ma'am! I muttered as I picked up a steady jackhammer rhythm dropping hard and deliberate. I can feel her pussy milking my cock as I pumped mercilessly into her wet cunt. She began to shake and her head laid back as she began to squirt her juices all over my cock and abdomen.

I fucked her pussy hard and fast bottoming out as my balls slapped against her ass. she let out a low guttural moan and released a tidal wave of orgasm that soaked the sheets and was dripping from my balls.

After a steady several minutes, I felt the familiar tightening of my balls as I started to cum a torrent of thick hot seed splashing against her cervix. wave after wave of my nut juice filled her wet pussy.

I was still pumping her as hard as I could when she came again.
I finished dumping my balls into her wet hole and she relaxed her legs and let me pull out.
I laid down to catch my breath as she slid down and started to lick and suck our mixed juices from my cock and balls. I was mesmerized by the grandmother sucking my cock clean after she fucked me.

She climbed up and layed beside me for a moment, she looked up at me with a contented smile and said that's the fuck I've needed for 14 years!

She explained her daughter had signed her up for the site so she could get out of the house and do something.

Well I'd say you definitely Did Something lol. As I leaned down and kissed her lips tasting my cum mixed with hers. I just lingered for a soft deep kiss.

Then she climbed out of bed and went to clean up. Before I was up and in my boxers she was dressed and headed to the door.
I said thank you Nana, Smiling, she said same time tomorrow?

I can't wait.

I woke from an amazing night's sleep after fucking an adorable old lady of 79, still reeling from the experience.

My cock was hard with the thoughts of the previous night's activities.
I threw off the covers and began stroking, slow strokes thumbing the head as I caressed my balls.
The scenes running through my mind, quickly brought forth a gushing load in thick ropes of pearly white cum all over my abdomen and chest.

I headed to the shower to clean up and prepare for a perfect day.

I dressed and made some coffee; I sat down at my laptop while sipping my hot cup of Wake the fuck up, as I often called it.

First, I opened my POF account, and Irma had messaged me after she got home.
She was thanking me for the orgasms and wanting to set a time for another "Service Call."

I replied that it would be next Friday before I had a free evening. She quickly replied date set.

I moved to the next scheduled date in my calendar: Stephanie, the voluptuous Redhead who had been first to respond to my profile. We were on for drinks this evening.

My phone buzzed with a text; it was Lilly, my cousin. She wanted to meet for breakfast, wanting details of last night's activity.

Sure, I quipped. Could you give me a few and meet me at the Diner?

Reds & Eds Diner was an old diner situated in an old train dining car. I loved this place; my brother and I would come here with Dad after our monthly Barber shop visits.

The business has been around since the mid-50s and is run by the same family;
Red and Ed are brothers. Ed had passed away several years ago, but Red, easily in his early 80s, was still turning out the best breakfast food in southwest Oklahoma with the help of his Son and Grandson.

I sat in a booth and ordered two coffees; the waitress had just brought the coffee to the table as Lilly walked in.

Thank you for ordering a coffee for me; I have not had any yet. Her eyes were still heavy from sleep.

I chuckled at her and commented you look like you are still half asleep. She rolled her eyes and sipped her coffee.

Long Night? I asked. She replied short sleep! Hmm, you have a little fun? I asked.
Well, I tried, she said. His dick was nice, but he had no idea how to use it.
It was an incredibly frustrating evening.
He got his nut and left me without.

I left his house and went home to get myself off. Just a sad turn of events.
Enough about me; what happened with Granny? She grinned.

Lilly, I can not put into words how incredible this experience was. She was like a true cougar; she pretty much tackled me. She knows what she wants and how to take it. And boy, did she take it.
She begged for hard and fast hammering; in return, she squirted and came multiple times, soaking my bed and me. She is very experienced in the bed.

I wish my night would have gone that well, Lilly sighed.

We both ordered Reds Big Breakfast as the waitress refilled our coffees.

Lilly said on a different subject. Have you talked to Kimmy since you have been back?
No, I haven't; how is she doing?
She's good, but wondering why you haven't contacted her.

Kimmy is my Uncle John's youngest Daughter. And one of my closest friends growing up.

We were inseparable.

My first tattoo was given to me at the tender age of 12 by her.

Kimmy is the same age as me, so we came up together. I'd been back here for a while and just had not been able to catch up with her. I haven't spoken with her since Uncle John died about six years ago.

I could not get away from work to attend his funeral.
I felt guilty and couldn't face her.
The waitress placed our food on the table and snapped me out of my trance.
Lilly snapped her fingers, "Earth to Johnny"! Hello? Where were you? I'm sorry, Cuz, just been a long time. I'll get over to see her.

The truth is I was head over heels in love with her. Just too scared of ruining our bond to act on that emotion.

The tattoo was a turning point for us.
We were closer than ever when Dad told us we were moving to Tennessee.
Anger and every other emotion welled up in me; I cried No Dad!, We can't move! But he looked at me and said Son, we don't have a choice. My new job is in Nashville. I start in 3 weeks.

My world collapsed. Heartbroken, all I had ever known was here. No friends and a strange place. Fuck!
I was to start my freshman year of high school soon.

What am I going to do? I was devastated. I was looking forward to starting high school; all my friends and family would be there. It was going to be epic.

Johnny! Yoohoo Johnny! Lilly grabbed my arm and shook me to get my attention.
Are you ok? She asked.

You are zoning out on me. I'm fine; I was thinking about the last time I saw Kimmy.

It's been over forty years since I'd seen her in person.
Wow, Lilly said. Has it been that long?
I shook my head yes.

More coffee, please, i held out my cup as the waitress walked by.

We finished breakfast and squared the tab, then dropped $10 on the table for the tip.

Lilly went home to sleep, and I went over to Kimmy's.

As I drove to her house, my heart raced, and I felt nauseous.
I was so nervous to see her.

All these different thoughts ran through my head.

What would she say? What would she do? Yell? Throw her arms around me? Punch me? Ugh.

I turned the a/c on high; I was sweating profusely. Then suddenly I was turning down her street. And into her driveway.

I knocked on Kimmy's door, and there was no answer. I knock again, no response. I dropped my head, disappointed but somewhat relieved,

I turned to leave, and the door opened.
I looked back, and here was this beautiful young lady standing at the door.
She spoke, "May I help you sir?"
I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for Kim Brown. Is she home?
She went to the grocery store to pick up some steaks and beer.

Mom's cousin is coming over to visit this afternoon. Mom said she hadn't seen him since she was my age.
She talks about him a lot.
He was her best friend I think, she said.

Ok, I'll wait out here, ok?

I was sitting in my truck, looking around, smoking a cigarette, when an old truck pulled into the drive.

It was Kimmy. She climbed out of her truck to see who was in the strange vehicle sitting in her drive.

I stepped out and turned towards her and was almost knocked to the ground.

She saw me and jumped into my arms with the biggest hug ever.

Beautiful as ever, with much larger tits than I remember and an ass that would stop traffic.

She hugged me so tight, pressing her large breasts against my chest.

She pulled back just enough to plant a long wet kiss on my lips.

Wow, Johnny, you look so old! As she laughed.
I followed by well, I am. Why aren't you?
I received a slap on my arm; oh, shut up.

You are still as beautiful today as you were then, a lot more developed! But Wow. So gorgeous.
She blushed and kissed me again.

Kimmy is 5'6", trim and fit, with perky 40DD boobs, no sag: wide hips and a beautiful ass. Red hair and big bright Green eyes with freckles peppered across her cheeks and over the bridge of her nose, and
supple pouty, kissable lips. Beautiful!

How have you been? And why the fuck haven't you been to see me since you have been back?

Lily said you've been back for six months.

I've tried to contact you a few times Kim, but I seem to miss you every time.
I'm sorry about that.

I asked, who's that beautiful girl in the house?
That's Jill, my youngest daughter; I have two girls; Kaydee is 17 , Jill 14
They look like twins.

Well, I said then, they are your minis, Stunning!

Lilly told me that you have "grown" a little, she grinned.

I blushed and said that I was just a young, stupid kid then.
I had barely started growing pubic hair.

Do you want a beer? She headed to the fridge returning with a couple of silver bullets.

Sure as I reached my hand out and grabbed the cold bottle.

We sat on the couch and chatted.

Jill came into the living room and said hello again; Kimmy stood up and threw her arm around her baby girl, and said this is my infamous cousin Johnny!
Jill leaned in and hugged me. She whispered in my ear, "I can see why she moans your name at night when she is playing with herself," she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. Mom, I'm going to Jens for the afternoon. Is that okay? Sure baby, call me if your aunt Lilly has you stay for dinner, ok? As she grabbed her bag and ran out the door.

Is she going to Lillys?

I haven't spent much time around Jen yet.
She was away with her dad on vacation, and she stays at his house most of the time.

It drives Lilly crazy. I said I bet it does, but it gives her privacy to play and have fun without Jen getting too much of an earful of sex noises.

She smirked; yea, she is too busy making her own sex noises, from what I heard.

She's a beauty too, and she's what..17?

Yep, she starts her senior year in the fall.

Jen takes after her mom's Indian side. She's tall like her mom, 5'8" dark bronze skin and long black hair.
Brown eyes. Trim-toned body, nice full C cup breasts, and a full round ass sitting atop two long sexy legs.

Kimmy was leaning back and staring at me with a sly grin;
she spoke softly, you know I was so in love with you when we were kids.
You were my first true love and probably the only one, if I'm honest.

I felt my heart swell, and a tear ran down my cheek. I softly mumbled. The feeling was very mutual, you know.

In the stunned silence, Kimmy looked at me with tears in her eyes.

She sobbed. Really?

Why did you not say something?
Do something?

I hope you understand, Kimmy; I was scared you would look at me with disgust!
Thinking how could I have feelings for my cousin?

I couldn't chance losing your friendship.

Please! Don't be silly, she sobbed.
I would never think that, Pervert, maybe! She smirked.

But then Dad moved the whole family to Tennessee. And my world crumbled.
I hated school, those fucking hillbillies were unbearable.
I wound up quitting school

I met someone and got married; that's 20 years down the toilet.

I wish I had known; my life would have been so different.

I had it so bad for you!

How bad she giggled?

Well, let's say mom was questioning her choice of laundry soap.
She asked me why my socks were always hard; I laughed and told her I didn't know, it must be the detergent.

Several times a day, I'd jerk off thinking of you.

She blushed and told me she had her fingers in her pussy almost constantly. I dreamed of marrying you and having your babies.

I said you are the reason I am obsessed with redheads; ALL my women have been compared to you.

I noticed her staring at the tent now forming in my pants. And she had this evil little grin on her lips.

I blushed as our eyes met. She said I could have had that back then? she sighed.

You would have been my choice to give my virginity to.
I stuttered , Oh Really?

Lilly told me your cock is wonderfully big.

I smirked. Would you like to find out?
Oooh yes! As she quickly grabbed at my belt.
I lifted my hips to slip my pants and boxers down.

My rigid cock sprang free, slapping her on the cheek.
She jumped back, laughing.

I pulled my pants loose while kicking my boots off.

Kimmy's eyes grew wide with excitement. Wow! Lilly was not lying! She wrapped her fingers around the base of my thick cock.
Admiring the smooth, soft skin and tracing the veins up and down my shaft with her long, brightly painted nails, caressing my large balls as they hung freely between my legs.
She slid her hand up under the head of my member and leaned down, flicking her tongue at the slit and around the head.
Then I felt the warmth as she took me into her mouth.

I was in heaven, my gorgeous cousin, the object of my lifelong fantasy, was stroking and sucking my cock.

A surreal moment. I had dreamed of this so many times.

I had fucked my wife, pretending she was Kimmy many times.

She worked up and down the sides of my shaft with her tongue, flicking at my balls as she expertly teased me.
She was in her own world with my cock in her mouth. Sliding it easily into her throat, she had no gag reflex.
Working my cock, making love to it.
Her eyes were filled with lust as she took me into her throat.
I could feel her tongue on my balls as she bobbed up and down.
I could feel the tension in my balls as my heavy load came up the shaft erupting from the tip.
Thick ropes of hot cum splashed against the back of her throat; she pulled back to the head and opened her mouth wide so I could see my cum filling her mouth as she swallowed every drop.
Then back into her throat, she softly sucked as I softened, she pulled her head up and let it drop from her mouth with a throaty moan.
She climbed into my lap, wrapping her arms around me, bringing her pouty lips to mine for a passionate kiss.

Tonight is the night, Stephanie is a stunning redhead with a rockin' body. Long red Hair, Blue eyes, great tits with nipples sitting up high like a cherry on a sundae. Great fuckable ass. It's going to be a great night. I showered and got ready to go.

Clothes? What should I wear? As I’m fumbling through the closet. I grabbed my favorite 501s and a blue plaid western snap-down shirt. And my Tony llama square toes. Topped with my straw stetson cowboy hat. Hmm, what cologne? Drakkar noir or old-school Stetson?
I grabbed the stetson and walked through a couple of sprays. I don't want too much.

Ok, I'm chugging a beer and smoking a cigarette, getting ready to walk out the door. The bar is about 30 minutes away, so there is ample time to work through the nerves.

The bar is a little cowboy dancehall in Marlow. Aptly named The Pub. I've never been here before, so it should be interesting.

I Walked in and sidled up to the bar; I ordered two silver bullet long necks; I quickly chugged the first one and grabbed the second bottle, and turned to find a table.

I sat down at a table in the back of the bar and watched for this strawberry roan filly to show up. Typical woman fashion, she shows up about 20 minutes late.

She walks in with a guy and another chick. The wing woman with her is bottle blonde and clearly a Latina. Nice stack up top little thick with a wide, shapely ass.

She comes up to the table; I stand to greet her with a hug and handshake for her entourage. I invited them to sit while the waitress came over to take the drink orders.

Christina, the friend, grabs my hand and pulls me out to the dancefloor for a two-step song on the jukebox. Then a slow song came on directly afterward.

She pulls me close and lays her head on the crook of my neck; mmm, you smell delicious! She blurted out. Then she started kissing my neck and worked up to my ear; she whispered, you don't know it yet, but you're going home with me tonight.
I pulled my head back and looked at her, and said oh really? What about my actual date? She might not like that.
She looked at me and said she was trying to get with the guy that came with us.

Oh, so I'm bait to draw him in?
She smiled and said yes, but you get to fuck me.
Interesting, but I'm not sure I like being used like this.
She said I don't worry; you'll enjoy the pussy, I promise.

I figured I'd stick around and see where this goes.

We danced and drank it for a few more hours, it was 1:00 am, and we headed out the door.
She said follow me.

I pulled in behind her in the drive at her house.
We made our way into the house and were greeted by her mother and her daughter.
She must bring home lots of guys. I got the feeling she was hunting for a sugar daddy.

I greeted the ladies and followed her into her room, where she stripped off her clothes. Then proceeded to pull at my belt as I removed my shirt.
She was nice looking with great tits. But I was having a hard time getting into the action.

Her mother and daughter were sitting in the living room on the other side of the door. It was putting a cramp in my style. She pulled down my boxers to expose my semi-erect cock. Her eyes widened as she focused on my thick 8” member. NICE! She exclaimed.

I laid her back on the bed and moved down to taste this beautiful pussy, but WOW, the smell was horrible. I lost what erection I had and stood up. With a bewildered look, she said you don't eat pussy?
I said I'm just not feeling it. That last shot was not sitting well.
She said that was okay. I want this huge cock in me anyway. She grabbed my dick and sucked it into her mouth. He slowly responded to her suction and massaging of my balls. Before long, she's swallowing my cock like the slut I'm sure she is. I let her go for a few minutes, and she pulled me from her mouth and yelled out Fuck me Now! My mind just kept going back to that rotten fish smell, and my cock just dropped. I was scared to fuck that hole.

I stood up and made an excuse I was feeling sick. I went to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face, pacing, trying to figure a way out without seeming like a dick.

I got dressed and apologized as I was working my way out of the house. I ran across the yard and jumped in the truck. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.


What the hell is up with this evening? I felt like it was a waste of time. I could have spent the evening with Kimmy.

I headed home. I was starving, and my head was pounding. I need a Tylenol and a sandwich.

I got home at 2:30 am. I choked down a Bologna sammich and washed it down with a beer.

I stumbled down the hall and fell on my bed, and passed out.

The smell of something familiar, Coffee, awakened me. I must have gotten coffee ready the night before and set auto brew. I glanced at my phone to see the time; ugh! 8:30 am. Fuck! I sat up and realized I was still dressed from last night.
I stood up and stumbled to the bathroom to take a piss. I stripped and climbed into a hot shower. I let the water run over my head and body for what seemed like an hour, actually only 5 minutes. I stepped out of the shower and toweled off.

I walked out to the kitchen for some well-deserved coffee. Naked, of course. I poured my cup and went to sit down when I noticed Kimmy and Kaydee sitting in the living room, just grinning. Oh fuck! I grabbed the hand towel off the table and covered my morning erection.

Do you always leave your door open when you go to bed? Kimmy asked.
I must've been a little more drunk than I remember. I said thanks for making coffee. I'll be right back; let me get something on.
I threw on some boxers and a T-shirt.

The girls were sitting at the table whispering and giggling over their coffee, at my expense, I'm sure.

My cock still hard from the surprise and tenting my boxer shorts, Kaydee was wide-eyed and smiling like a Cheshire Cat. Kimmy tapped her arm and told her it was not polite to stare at my cousin's big fat cock. I almost choked on my coffee.

What brings you, sexy ladies, to my house?
Kaydee, still stunned and unable to speak in full sentences, said something about swimming and a cookout.
I blurted out; it sounded like a blast.

What time do you want me there? Kimmy smiled; well, let's get some clothes on you and go now. Ok, my boner thumped the table as I stood up. It somehow found its way through the fly opening and stared at Kaydee. She unknowingly licked her lips.

Well, we will have to fix that. Didn't you get laid last night? She asked. I mumbled Long story short version. NO!

Kimmy led me to the bedroom and slid down my boxers. She sat on the bed before me and took my cock into her warm hands, stroking expertly, corkscrewing my cock as she flicked her tongue at the slit. I tangle my fingers into her sexy red curly hair. My eyes closed with my head leaned back to enjoy her machinations
Both hands stroked while sucking in and out of her throat. It is heaven. It felt as if there were hands and lips everywhere on my cock and balls. Heaven! I regained my composure and saw Kaydee helping her mother suck me off. OMG! I screamed silently. This new Revelation brought my heavy load from my balls as I grunted. I Cumming! At that moment, Kaydee pulled me from her mouth and took my first of many spurts of hot cum right on her nose and lips, and the next shot, she aimed at Kimmy's open mouth. Wave after wave of thick spunk covered both their faces. Mmmm, they both purred in unison. Now get dressed, and let's go.

I washed up as they licked my cum from each other's faces. Following it up with a passionate kiss.

That was Hot as Fuck! We know, as they both smiled and walked to the bathroom giggling,

This Day was going to be Fun!

We loaded up and pulled out onto the highway. I followed that old Ford step-side into the parking lot of the local liquor store.
Beverages anyone? We grabbed a couple of bottles of tequila and a few cases of beer, and ice and were on our way.

I tended the steaks on the grill, while the girls got the potatoes in the oven and corn on the cob cooking. Kaydee brought me a beer and stood with me at the grill making small talk. she was giddy.

So tell me sweetie how long have you and your mom been sharing cock? She blushed a bright red and said a few months.

This is gonna be a fun cookout
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Re: My first attempt at a my memoirs

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Great story. I enjoyed the entire thing, and if that is anything like your real life experience, then you are a luck man. I have never had the kind of wild and spontaneous sex you describe, but I would love to have met women who both like you and really want to blow you and feel you fuck them. Not because they have to, but because they are truly horney and really want to.

You know, I don't know if I have ever met a horney woman. One who just wants sex as much as I do. Maybe they exist out there, but in my expereince, most women see having sex like washing the floor. It needs to be done and gives some sense of satisfaction if done well, but not on their top 10 things to do list. It would be so great to meet a woman who tells me, I'm horney and I just want to fuck you.
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Re: My first attempt at a my memoirs

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Well all these things did happen and my cousins and their daughters are truly nymphomaniacs. As well as a lot of women i met through that site. When i was single i was fucking every night sometimes two different women in the same day. It truly was exhausting, and exhilarating. Unfortunately most we’re crazy and insatiable.
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Re: My first attempt at a my memoirs

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Have you ever sucked on your sisters breasts when she was in a deep sleep coming home from a party and that red round quarter sized nipple in you mouth tasted like a piece of cooked ham and you were just tempted to bite down and start slowly chewing the red fleshy nipple skin and then slowly swallowing it and especially when that nipple had the right amount of salt in it. It’s a real delicious treat truly. I hope I get that chance again. Don’t believe me try it for yourself there is really a delicious to them!
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